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Office of the President

MCC President, Dr. Susan Huard

Welcome to Manchester Community College!

For almost 75 years, Manchester Community College has been here to help students build their futures. Whether recently graduated from high school, mid-career, or even late-career, MCC students will find a community designed to maximize student success. But it isn’t a magic formula – student success relies on hard work and the willingness to ask questions when you have them.

No matter your goals, please connect with an academic advisor during your first year to ensure that your course selection reflects your plans (and anticipated timeframe to completion.)

MCC advisors, tutors, professors, staff and administrators come to work every day to help students succeed — whether you are looking to launch or advance your career or begin the journey to a four-year college. Our raison d’etre is to support you on your educational journey. Familiarize yourself with the Learning Commons where the library is housed. You can also access the library’s resources online if you are off-campus or taking an online or hybrid course.

“Community” is our middle name and we are a relatively small community, so you won’t get lost in the shuffle — especially if you reach out for help or ask questions as they come up. Joining a club at MCC is another way to feel more connected in the MCC community. Stop by the student club fair at the beginning of the semester and see if there’s a club you might be interested in joining. You can become involved with a student club linked to your major (like the Cybersecurity, Mathematics or Early Childhood Education Club), or explore the Student Senate, Culture Exchange or Gaming Club. Of course our college community extends beyond the campus. Meet with MCC’s Career and Transfer Advisor to learn about internships, job co-ops and service-learning opportunities available in Manchester and beyond.

Thank you for putting your trust in Manchester Community College on your pathway to success.


Dr. Susan Huard, President
Manchester Community College