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Success Stories

I gained a lot from the WorkReadyNH Program in many different ways and have actually used some of the knowledge on my new job already. I thank you... for making the WorkReadyNH Program such a success.

Michael Woodard, Graduate of WorkReadyNH, April 2012


Our clients have ranged everywhere from 18-82 years old, come from a variety of ethnic cultures, diverse careers, differing education levels, and span anywhere from newly unemployed up to twenty years unemployed. Despite all these differences, there are some recurring themes that we have seen for the majority of our clients that have gone through the program - their renewed sense of hope and confidence, feeling productive and valued again, and accomplishing a common goal as a team.

Below are just a few of the client success stories from our program.


Renewed Confidence


Barbara has an Associate Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Business and had worked steadily in the business industry throughout her career. After being laid off she went for over a year without working, had lost her self-confidence and was totally discouraged. She met us at a job fair and decided she had nothing to lose by participating in the program. The four-week session changed her life for the better and two months later she wrote...

"Good Morning Regina;

I wanted to share my good news. I just accepted a position in accounting with NeighborWorks on Elm Street in Manchester. It is a non-profit organization that does incredible things for the community. I am honored to be chosen to be part of the team.

I also would like to thank you for the wonderful experience with the WorkReadyNH program. Teal was an amazing, delightful instructor, and Michelle was outstanding. The whole class was magical!

Again, thank you for all your support and thoughts."

Barbara Guillemette, Graduate of WorkReadyNH, September 2013


Meaningful Career


Since completing the program, Liz has secured a new job with the State of New Hampshire under Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health). Here are her comments on the program:

"I enrolled in WorkReadyNH as a professional development opportunity. My goals were to increase my math scores, practice my leadership skills and network with different people and the WorkReady staff made these goals very attainable. WorkReadyNH program strengths are its 'rigor, relevance, relationships and resources'. Without all of these key elements it could not support each individual's needs.

WorkReadyNH helped me achieve my goals of finding a meaningful career position by teaching up to date best practice human resource intelligence and job search skills and applied on the job academics while at the same time providing a forum in which to safely practice and improve these skills."

Liz Lawrence, Graduate of WorkReadyNH, August 2013


Upgraded Skills


"Thanks to WorkReadyNH and the support after attending the program I was able to secure a position with a local owned NH business.

During this program I gained new confidence along with practical interpersonal skills that I will carry with me for life. We learned to write an eye catching Resume, how to sell yourself at the job interview, working as a team, and basics of how to write a business plan just to mention a few.

The WorkReadyNH program was a great boost during a very difficult time in my life. Having no job, no money and limited interaction with other unemployed adults I felt lost and very discouraged trying to find a new career.

At the program I got to know many other people who were having the same struggles trying to find gainful employment. We all learned how to overcome and tackle the job market hurdles.

Before the program I lacked the work skills that are so important in this tough competitive job market. This program gave me the skills I needed and courage to go forth.

All of the staff at MCC and WorkReadyNH were very supportive. I appreciate all they did for me. I hope that this program will continue to be able to assist others as it has helped me."

Sharon Whitcher, Graduate of WorkReadyNH, January 2013