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Why Parents Love Seeing Their Kids Attend Community College

Tom Corkery has always been what his mother Bronwyn calls “a hands-on guy.” So when the time came to choose a college, she knew that Manchester Community College was a great fit for her son.

“As a mom, it was most important to me that he learn a new skill and have that degree behind him,” she said. “Obviously, the affordability of a community college is one reason we were very happy with his choice. But we really knew it was right for him when he attended a seminar in high school and MCC was there. He lit up and knew immediately that’s where he wanted to go.”

Tom graduated from the HVAC program in 2010 and is now an installer/technician for the Rick Wenzel Company in Bedford. His positive experience influenced his younger brother Paul to also enroll at MCC, where he earned his associate degree in Electrical Technology. Both had jobs waiting for them when they graduated.

“MCC provided the right kind of learning environment,” Bronwyn said. “I liked the fact that Tom’s teachers were still working in the field. He clicked really well with them. It was also important that we lived only 30 minutes away so he was able to commute and still have that college experience.”