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Licensed Nursing Assistant Certificate Program

Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNA) is among those top five New Hampshire healthcare occupations projected to grow between 10 – 25% in the next 5 years. Though there are 10 approved LNA training programs already available in New Hampshire, the MCC LNA training program is different in that it provides an alternative design with more flexibility than those currently offered. The program is a hybrid model, which includes online learning coupled with lab and clinical hours. We are the only hybrid model in the state of New Hampshire.

Eligible students shall:

  • Demonstrate the ability to read, comprehend, write, and communicate in English, relative to job-related assignments
  • Have not been convicted of a felony
  • Pass a drug screening
  • Comply with MCC's application procedures
  • Comply with MCC's tuition requirements

To apply, please fill out the following form:

The Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) program will consist of:

  • 60 hours of online theory
  • 60 hours of clinical
  • 24 hours of laboratory

The LNA training program will prepare eligible candidates to practice as nursing assistants in a professional role, in providing direct patient care, communication, infection control, safety and body mechanics, legal and ethical issues. The course is a combination of classroom, lab and clinical practice in a medical setting. At completion, students will be prepared to sit for the state certification examination and submit their Board of Nursing LNA license application.

Program Cost: $1,800*
* Please see the application packet for additional application fees that may apply

MCC is proud to partner with the following Healthcare affiliates as our clinical partners:

Bedford Falls, A Benchmark Senior Living Community
5 Corporate Drive
Bedford, NH 03110

12-Week Hybrid Schedule

Program Area Delivered via Weekly Details Total Hours
Classroom Theory Online Learning 5 hours weekly for 12 weeks 60 hours
Lab / Practice In-Person Instructor at one of NH’s community colleges 6 hours weekly for 4 weeks 24 hours
Clinical Approved Clinical Site 7.5 hours weekly for 8 weeks 60 hours
Total Hours 144 hours

Required Book Information:

Textbook (Paperback): Hedman,A.S., Fuzy, J & Rymer,S. 2018 Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care, Long-Term Care and Home Care, Third Edition. (ISBN 978-1-60425-070-1)

Workbook: Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care, Long-Term Care and Home Care, Third Edition by Hartman Publishing, Inc. (ISBN 978-1-60425-071-8)