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Start Your Own Club

Forming a New Club or Organization at MCC

To receive funding through the Student Senate, request rooms for meetings, and be listed in college publications, student clubs or organizations first need to be "recognized".

Below is an outline of what should be included in the request to become a recognized club:

  1. Official name of the organization
  2. Mission or purpose statement
  3. Membership - Who can be a member? If it is limited membership, how is the group going to involve other members of the college community? "Open" or broad membership is encouraged.
  4. Organization Structure - What are the various officers? How often do you plan to meet?
  5. Other - If you have any specific activities or goals in mind, this is a great place to mention them.M
  6. Advisor(s) - Each organization needs at least one full- or part-time faculty or staff member who agrees to serve as their advisor.
  7. Founding Members - Signatures of at least five current, matriculated students (full- or part-time) who want to start the club.

Students who are considering forming a new club are encouraged to review their proposal with their club advisor before presenting it to the Student Senate. The group should request to be put on the next Senate meeting agenda and have at least one student member attend in order to present the proposal. Senate is usually very supportive of new clubs, and the face-to-face connection is very helpful in evaluating the club and its needs.

For more information, contact Aileen Clay, Director of Student Life at (603) 206-8175 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Student Senate at (603) 206-8632.