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MCC's 74th Commencement A Virtual Hit

Posted: June 05, 2020

Manchester Community College held its 74th commencement on Friday, May 29, 2020 through a 4 pm virtual ceremony.

"In some ways, this is the most special commencement ceremony the college has had because it celebrates not just Manchester Community College graduates, faculty and staff – but – a recognition that it all happened in the most challenging of circumstances, perhaps in MCC's history," said MCC President Brian Bicknell.

"What has brought us together, most especially now, is our common humanity, our devotion to scholarship, and our allegiance to hard work."

Re-watch the 74th MCC Commencement Ceremony today.

View/download the official 2020 Graduation Program.

Read the Union Leader coverage of the ceremony.

Following are the list of graduates:

Accounting - Associate of Science
Benjamin Biddle (Manchester, NH); Jocelyn Couture (Manchester, NH); James Dickson (Merrimack, NH); Charles Foss (Chichester, NH); Jessica Gagnon (Manchester, NH); Annie Lawson (Manchester, NH); Kyle Makris (Auburn, NH); Jessica McGovern (Raymond, NH); Conor Mckinney (Manchester, NH); Amanda Miller (Manchester, NH); Luis Olguin (Manchester, NH); Kyle Picaut (Manchester, NH); Taylor Piper (Londonderry, NH); Branly Torres (Manchester, NH); Anh Vu (Manchester, NH)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Associate of Science
Grant Bonczar (Milford, NH); Kevin Daley (Peterborough, NH); Michael Hailson (Merrimack, NH); Marina Ngalula (Manchester, NH); Anh Nguyen (Manchester, NH); Justin O'Rourke (Manchester, NH); Molly Sanseverino (Candia, NH); Joshua Shevlin (Northfield, NH)

Fine Arts - Associate of Arts
Christian Rivera (Salem, NH); Valentina Vaitones (Derry, NH)

Automotive Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Robert Agneta (Plaistow, NH); Zachary Audet (Weare, NH); Rigo Betancourt (Hillsboro, NH); James Challender (Concord, NH); Samuel Contic (Manchester, NH); Trevor Daigle (Goffstown, NH); William Fischer (Windham, NH); Daniel Higgins (Hudson, NH); Nicholas McGowan (Manchester, NH); Alvin Memic (Manchester, NH); Jordan Rodriguez (Raymond, NH); Noah Ryan (Exeter, NH); Fraily Toribio (Salem, MA); Eric Wall (Peterborough, NH)

Automotive Technology - Professional Certificate
Isaac Cariker (Hill, NH)

Business Communications - Associate of Science
Joanne Dexter (Manchester, NH); Taylor Harper (Derry, NH); Wazhma Raufyar (Manchester, NH)

Behavioral Science - Associate of Arts
Brittney Andrews (Hooksett, NH); Thomas Bascom (Manchester, NH); Nicole Bouchard (Manchester, NH); Catherine Caban (Merrimack, NH); Hannah Cardow (Manchester, NH); Brad Carson (Derry, NH); Alexandra Harrington (Hooksett, NH); William Haynie (Londonderry, NH)

Business Studies - Associate of Science
John Bellemore (Goffstown, NH); Kevin Bolduc (Auburn, NH); Julia Buck (Concord, NH); Charbel Ghattas (Manchester, NH); Kristofer Haken (Londonderry, NH); Kyle LaCourse (Loudon, NH); Jessica McGovern (Raymond, NH); Brandon Potvin (Candia, NH); Cody Roux-Decoste (Goffstown, NH); Jennifer Smith (Manchester, NH); Anh Vu (Manchester, NH); Salman Zaid (Brentwood, NH)

Computer Science - Associate of Science
Jason Blake (Manchester, NH); Matthew Coombs (Fremont, NH); Sean Logue (Goffstown, NH); Paul O'Keefe (Manchester, NH)

Computer Science and Innovation - Associate of Science
Patrick Adams (Manchester, NH); Barzan Ahmed (Manchester, NH); Nicholas Demanche (Nashua, NH); Patrick Devine (Manchester, NH); Ehsun Farooq (Manchester, NH); John Hayes (Manchester, NH); Matthew Jenks (Fremont, NH); Andrew Mohnkern (Bedford, NH); Paul O'Keefe (Manchester, NH); Evan Roberts (Merrimack, NH); Christopher Tapia (Manchester, NH)

Cybersecurity Information - Associate of Science
Patrick Azzo (Manchester, NH); Christopher Boyle (Londonderry, NH); Jonathan Carter (Manchester, NH); Ryan Chisholm (Londonderry, NH); Corey Jenkins (Manchester, NH); Warren Marsh (Alton, NH); Cote McColligan (Derry, NH); Cody Payne (Raymond, NH); Brennan Pelio (Raymond, NH); Danea Pettengill (Manchester, NH); Stanley Wood (Manchester, NH)

Early Childhood Education - Associate of Applied Science
Kaleah Cardinal (Goffstown, NH); Delaney Colegrove (Bedford, NH); Nicole Desruisseaux (New Boston, NH); Jacquelyn Dureault (Nashua, NH); Michelle Iverson (Chester, NH); Paige King (Derry, NH); Jennifer Williams (Goffstown, NH)

Electrical Technology - Associate of Science
Nicholas Barrett (Hampton, NH); Austin Bergeron (Epsom, NH); Jacob Cushing (Londonderry, NH); Bailey Hartford (Manchester, NH); Henry Hines (Litchfield, NH); Jacob Martin (Canterbury, NH); Quinn Morin (Manchester, NH); Quyen Nguyen (Manchester, NH); Ryan Sowle (Weare, NH); Andre St Germain (Weare, NH); Harrison Tremblay (Litchfield, NH); Gaby Tshitenda (Londonderry, NH)

English - Associate of Arts
Sophie Barsh (Merrimack, NH); Elyzabeth Hein (Merrimack, NH); Daniel Lynch (Windham, NH); Jason Miller (Derry, NH); Samantha Provencher (Salem, NH); Micaela Seekell (Goffstown, NH); Abigail Whitcomb (Londonderry, NH)

Exercise Science - Associate of Science
Olivia Andersen (Nashua, NH); Gregory Gdanian (Milford, NH); Joshua Landry (Goffstown, NH); Riley Walters (Hudson, NH); Noah Wilder (Derry, NH)

Graphic Design - Associate of Applied Science
Joclyn Bonilla (Manchester, NH); Brianna De La Mota (Merrimack, NH); Cameron Dionne (Hudson, NH); Michael Garrity (Manchester, NH); Andrew Nedeau (Pembroke, NH); Krystal Ni (Salem, NH); Corinne Robinson (Manchester, NH); Jamie Roy (Derry, NH); Christopher Small (Manchester, NH)

Health Fitness Professional - Associate of Science
Nancy Taban (Concord, NH)

Health Science - Associate of Science
Abrar Alzawar (Manchester, NH); Faith Bell (Manchester, NH); Jocelyn Hutchinson (Litchfield, NH); Michelle Kirouac (Bedford, NH); Josefa Lopez (Manchester, NH); Jessica Matthews (Chester, NH); Katherine Michaud (Strafford, NH); Haylie Nee (Londonderry, NH); Nicholas Nguyen (Pelham, NH); Demitra Panakis (Sandown, NH); Lily Reyes (Manchester, NH)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Associate of Applied Science
Peter Belliveau (Hopkinton, NH); Mason Dane (Nashua, NH); Ronald Evans (Northfield, NH); Nicholas Krajenka (Derry, NH); Joshua Montminy (Manchester, NH); Ricky Shaughnessy (Goffstown, NH)

Interior Design - Associate of Applied Science
Rebecca Lopez (Manchester, NH); Jill Mcneil (Londonderry, NH)

Liberal Arts - Associate of Arts
Sara Benard (Manchester, NH); Kayla Brennan (Raymond, NH); Niki Coleman (Derry, NH); Amanda Hebert (Hooksett, NH); Kathleen Langley (Gorham, NH); Leah Lemay (Chester, NH); Cassandra Mendoza (Milford, NH); Bradley Rivard (Raymond, NH); Adelisa Sibalo (Manchester, NH); Holly Wajenberg (Goffstown, NH)

Life Science - Associate of Science
Helena Celeste (Derry, NH); Gregory Denby (Goffstown, NH); Jules Panaguiton (Londonderry, NH); Amanda Schaaf (Manchester, NH)

Mathematics - Associate of Science
Brendan Halton (Derry, NH); Emily Peacock (Merrimack, NH)

Medical Coding - Professional Certificate
Cheri Arndt (Bedford, NH); Bailey Lord (Goffstown, NH); Courtney Murabito (Derry, NH); Kelleyann Traver (Hampton, NH); Julie Woodside (Manchester, NH)

Medical Assistant - Associate of Science
Shelby Cormiea (Plymouth, NH); Kali Johnson-McDermott (Manchester, NH); Irina Mesmer (Manchester, NH); Cassandra Prentice (Exeter, NH); Gabriella Storey (Hooksett, NH)

Management - Associate of Science
Kristin Allen (Hopkinton, NH); Gunnar Bron (Manchester, NH); Jared Burke (Danville, NH); Elainet Canela Romero (Manchester, NH); Victoria Charbonneau (Manchester, NH); Mackenzie Collins (Manchester, NH); David Cormier (Raymond, NH); Ann Forest (Derry, NH); Tara-Marie Gaulin (Manchester, NH); Jessica Giberti (Goffstown, NH); Hunter Graves (Auburn, NH); Kristofer Haken (Londonderry, NH); Kyle Hansen (Manchester, NH); Manish Humagain (Manchester, NH); Zachary King (Milford, NH); Richard Manzo (Goffstown, NH); Jessica McGovern (Raymond, NH); Tilak Niroula (Manchester, NH); Richard Olson (Tilton, NH); Sophia Orlowski (Nashua, NH); Josemi Posada (Manchester, NH); Tanka Regmi (Manchester, NH); Cody Roux-Decoste (Goffstown, NH); Ryan Smith (Chester, NH); Hollie Surprenant (Manchester, NH); Erin Yankowskas (Londonderry, NH); Mikhail Zvonarev (Manchester, NH)

Marketing - Associate of Science
Samantha Bell (Brookline, NH); Kara Buss (Loudon, NH); Harrison Colegrove (Bedford, NH); Mikayla Devlin (Chester, NH); Biran Karki (Manchester, NH); Matthew Monahan (Londonderry, NH); Sophia Orlowski (Nashua, NH); Brianna Robinson (Fremont, NH); Ramon Tirado Velez (Manchester, NH)

Nursing - Associate of Science
Jessica Allen (Derry, NH); Christine Anderson (Manchester, NH); Michaela Araskiewicz (Seabrook, NH); Haley Ayles (Derry, NH); Patricia Blake (Raymond, NH); Trisha Bouchard (Bow, NH); Victoria Brasil (Gilmanton Iron Works, NH); Tori Brill (North Haverhill, NH); Jennyfher Briseno (Nashua, NH); Gael Broughton (Weare, NH); Meagan Buda (Merrimack, NH); Amanda Champagne (Manchester, NH); Lindsay Christensen (Nashua, NH); Lauri Cotter (Moultonborough, NH); Lisamarie Cruz (York, ME); Alexandra Dawson (Pembroke, NH); Madison DeGust (Manchester, NH); Michelle Desjarlais (Manchester, NH); Cynthia Djeumen (Manchester, NH); Jeffrey Donaldson (Manchester, NH); Marie Duhamel (Rochester, NH); Caitlin Enos (Exeter, NH); Jessica Ertel (Nashua, NH); Christie Faella (Manchester, NH); Hannah Farley (Kensington, NH); Laurie Farris (Hooksett, NH); Alyssa Fitzgerald (Londonderry, NH); Brenna Fournier (Hooksett, NH); Kaylee Grant (Windham, NH); Jessica Griffin (Derry, NH); Molly Guay (Weare, NH); Jessica Holmes (Nashua, NH); Grace Houle (Plymouth, NH); Aislyn Kenealy (Bedford, NH); Brittnee Kneeland (Londonderry, NH); Crystal Lajoie (Weare, NH); Hannah Leonard (Raymond, NH); Nicholas McCarthy (Hillsboro, NH); Michael Minnaugh (Concord, NH); Brittany Modrak (Derry, NH); Kelly-Jo Monahan (Manchester, NH); Belma Mustafic (Manchester, NH); Arianna Nicastro (Alton, NH); Nicole Nigro (Nashua, NH); Nicole Ordway (Fremont, NH); Kelsie Pimentel (Windham, NH); Tamburla Poirier (Bedford, NH); Heidi Rivera (Manchester, NH); David Rousseaux (Raymond, NH); Leanne Smith (Hampstead, NH); Joselyn St Onge (Auburn, NH); Conor Stokes (Manchester, NH); Alissa Tardif (Loudon, NH); Adam Therrien (Hampton, NH); Kimberley Touseau (Manchester, NH); Amy Tyree (Nashua, NH); Megan Walsh (Fremont, NH); Jennifer Williams (Manchester, NH); Savanna Wilson (Nashua, NH)

Teacher Education - Associate of Arts
Jasmine Pina (Hooksett, NH); Amanda Shea (Londonderry, NH)

Welding Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Matthew Monahan (Londonderry, NH); Tyler Penaskovic (Dover, NH); Scott Sullivan (Hudson, NH); Kyle Vereb (Seabrook, NH)

Welding Technology - Professional Certificate
William Lancaster (Portland, ME)