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MCC Gives Back To Help With COVID-19 Response

Posted: March 31, 2020

Hospital Equipment, Gift Cards to Students in Need, Loaned Computers for Distance Learning All Part of Effort to Help

The campus is closed to the public and faculty have shifted to online lessons for the remainder of the spring semester, but the activity behind the scenes at Manchester Community College is bustling, as the school’s leadership provides both learning opportunities and a lesson in giving back during a crisis. MCC interim President Brian Bicknell has launched an effort to donate supplies to those in need, whether it’s medical teams on the frontlines of COVID-19 treatment, or students who are struggling to connect electronically and make ends meet during the new normal we currently face in this pandemic.

“With more than 90% of our staff working remotely, I’ve been so impressed with the seamless continuity of our business operations,” explains MCC interim President Brian Bicknell. “Meantime, our school community is doing our part to support greater Manchester through the delivery of much-needed medical supplies from our Nursing, Allied Health, Workforce Development and Maintenance departments who provided and collected items for donation. The hospitals were extremely appreciative for each and every item we provided.”

Here is a sampling of MCC donations thus far:

Delivered to Elliot, Catholic Medical Center and Parkland Hospitals: 65 boxes of gloves, 6 packages of cover ups, 5 boxes of surgical masks and 6 refills of hand sanitizer

Delivered to Manchester Fire Department: a case of disinfecting wipes and a case of hand sanitizer

Given to Students in Need: $100 Market Basket gift cards for groceries, 25+ laptops for those without access to technology, as well as webcams, headsets, microphones and keyboards.

All MCC classes are online, including technical labs, due largely to the creativity of the faculty. Some lab modules that require hands-on learning may be postponed until the summer.

The Chancellor’s office has coordinated remote connection software into all faculty and staff laptops so that everyone is working from the same platform to reduce error and misconnections.

For current MCC students, all business and academic support services are up and running remotely. Students can access financial aid, the registrar and bursar electronically. Advising is available via online chat, phone, email and zoom so students may successfully continue their studies for the remainder of the semester.

Registration for summer and fall classes opens to the public on April 6th.

“At a time when we are physically disconnected, communication with one another is more important than ever,” says Bicknell. “Certainly, we need to be prepared for some bumps in the road ahead, but we are definitely off to a great start. I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it, I’m so proud to be a part of such an impressive team. Thanks for all that the MCC family has done and will continue to do to help our students and each other during this time of crisis.”