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MCC's 73rd Commencement

Graduates of the Class of 2019 Graduates of the Class of 2019
Photo by MCC Photography Staff

Posted: May 28, 2019

Manchester Community College (MCC) held its 73rd commencement on Wed. May 22 at 6:30pm at Sullivan Arena, Saint Anselm College. More than 300 students received their associate degrees from dozens of programs – from Allied Health and Nursing, Art and Design and Automotive Technologies – to Business, Computer Science, Education, Electrical Technology, HVAC and Welding.

See the official photos from the graduation.

Jon Parrish Peede delivered the Commencement address, adding a distinctly national spotlight on MCC’s graduation ceremonies. Mr. Peede was sworn in as chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2018.

“In an age where artificial intelligence and machine learning are disrupting entire industries, your ability to adapt to a changing economic model will be what guides you to a rewarding career,” Peede said in his commencement address. Concluding, “A well-rounded education can give you the strength and reservoir of knowledge necessary to push through until you come to the place where you always belonged.”

Peede’s visit to New Hampshire highlighted the new CCSNH Humanities Collaborative, which is the first of its kind pairing of a community college system with a flagship public university (UNH). It explicitly recognizes and supports the case for humanities collaboration. “Establishing New Hampshire as a model for the nation, the Collaborative illuminates the value of the humanities for civic engagement and career advancement,” said Ross Gittell, Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire. “The Collaborative also emphasizes the importance of pathways for students from community college to transfer to four-year institutions.”

Graduation 2019 Commencement Speaker
Commencement Speaker Jon Parrish Peede
Graduation 2019 Student Speaker
Student Speaker Ethan Manning

2019 MCC graduates are listed below:

Allenstown, NH
Arnold, Matthew (Cybersecurity)

Amherst, NH
Beck, Alexa (Management); Griffin, Johanna (Nursing); Yevick, Christopher (Management)

Andover, NH
Richardson, Brandon (Welding)

Arlington, VA
Ceesay, Tina (Liberal Arts)

Auburn, NH
Bishop, Sarah (Nursing); Brown, Kyle (Welding); D'Agosta, Meghan (Behavioral Health); Donley, Danika (English)

Barrington, NH
Kelliher, Logan (Welding); Sturtevant, Seth (Management); Thurston, Patrick (Automotive)

Bedford, NH
Berman, Christopher (Liberal Arts); Clark, Olivia (Early Childhood Education); Desrosiers, Abigail (Nursing); Francoeur, Colton (Health Science); Murai, Marc (Cybersecurity); Nesmith, Adam (Business); Plamondon, Joshua (English); Sartwell, Vanessa (Nursing)

Bennington, NH
O'Hanlon, Robert (English)

Boscawen, NH
Baughman, Brenda (Medical Assisting); Breen, Casey (Nursing)

Bow, NH
Adams, Brittany (Medical Assisting); Flynn, Kaitlyn (Nursing)

Brentwood, NH
Marotto-Potvin, Shanice (Teacher Education); Wright, Miranda (Marketing)

Candia, NH
Erickson, Corey (Business); Nault, Zachary (Computer Science); Parker, Carol (Nursing)

Chester, NH
Bibeau, Travis (Advanced Manufacturing); Brown, Steiger (Management); Venner, Jason (Welding)

Concord, NH
Bourgery, Benjamin (Graphic Design); Ficek, Brooklyn (Interior Design); Porter, Michelle Welding); Wilson, Cheyenne (Teacher Education)

Crystal Lake, IL
White, Joshua (Liberal Arts)

Danville, NH
Lozowski Aliberti, Katelyn (Early Childhood Education)

Derry, NH
Bruno, Lacey (Health Science); Bryson, Francis (Behavioral Science); Buccieri, Nico (Cybersecurity); Carson, Brad (Exercise Science); Cempe, Alexandra (Behavioral Science); Demers, Crystallee (Exercise Science); Dionis, Carol (Nursing); Dionne, Cory (Graphic Design); Easterwood, Megan (Behavioral Science); Errico, Alyssa (Nursing); Giannelli, Taylor (Cybersecurity) Grout, Lauren (Exercise Science); Hoisington, Melissa (Health Information Management); James, Aaron (Management); Jasbon, Hugo (Welding); Kehoe, Ryan (Liberal Arts); LaCorte, Gerald (Nursing); MacGregor, Tyler (Liberal Arts); MacLeod, Kristie (Nursing); Noyes, Allison (Welding); O'Brien, Bjarna (Marketing); Paton, Jordan (Electrical Technology); Pouliot, Eric (Accounting); Rowland, Grant (Business); Toland, Miranda (Nursing); Turni, Taylor (Management); Wilder, Noel (Management)

Dover, NH
Hebert, Evan (Welding)

Dunbarton, NH
Dale, Erin (Nursing)

East Hampstead, NH
Lancey, Conner (Marketing)

Epping, NH
Arnold, Joshua (Welding)

Epsom, NH
Rodrigues, Kenneth (Management)

Francestown, NH
Wroten Heinzmann, Zoe (Early Childhood Education)

Franklin, NH
Miller, Sophia (Health Information Management and Medical Coding)

Fremont, NH
O'Mahony, Rachel (Nursing); Robinson, Brianna (Management)

Gilmanton, NH
Simpson, William (Welding)

Goffstown, NH
Boucher, Kellie (Business Communication and Marketing); Dolman, Samuel (Nursing); Eaton, Jill (Medical Coding); Fitzpatrick, Tammy (Health Information Management); Giberti, Maria (Teacher Education); Hayes, Ryan (Business); Herod, Elizabeth (Interior Design); Nadeau, Nathan (Nursing); Sousa, Kasey (Welding); Stockton, Cassandra (Nursing); Wallace, Meaghan (Liberal Arts); Yianakopolos, Alexis (Health Science)

Grantham, NH
Connelly, Patrick (Welding)

Greenfield, NH
Billodeau, Scott (Advanced Manufacturing)

Hampstead, NH
Bucchio, Adrienne (Business Communication); Cuevas, Victoria (Nursing); Morris, Riley (Welding)

Hampton, NH
Pelletier, Ryan (Automotive); Pietras, Kamil (Nursing)

Haverhill, MA
Rossi, Justin (Electrical Technology)

Hillsborough, NH
Missing, Alistair (Nursing)

Hooksett, NH
Bondarenko, Viktoriya (Business); Clarke, Aimee (Medical Assisting); Cusson-Fournier, Judith (Health Science); Hill, Danielle (Nursing); Leger, Ross (Welding); Miles, Britney (Nursing); Ramsdell, Kayla (Business); Ward, Nicole (Medical Assisting);

Hopkinton, NH
Breault, Brenda (Medical Assisting)

Hudson, NH
Bunag, Jose (Exercise Science); Vecchiarello, David (Management); Fresia, Shaun (Welding)

Kailua, HI
Lawson, Brooke (Early Childhood Education)

Kingston, NH
Caillouette, Stephanie (Nursing); Simonds, Austin (Welding)

Laconia, NH
Ginchereau, Adrianna (Interior Design); Mercuri, Lauren (Nursing)

Lancaster, PA
Subedi, Madhav (Electrical Technology)

Litchfield, NH
Philbrook, Thomas (Advanced Manufacturing); Hrubowchak, Allison (Behavioral Science); Guarino, Jake (Business); Hurlburt, Roy (Electrical Technology); Tallarico, Michael (Electrical Technology); Seavey, Kieren (Liberal Arts); Rubino, Janelle (Marketing)

Londonderry, NH
Alves, Felicia (Medical Assisting); Boisclair, Raven (Liberal Arts); Ellard, Karissa (Liberal Arts); Fruci, Andrew (Liberal Arts); Hole, Justin (Marketing); Jenkinson, Jaclyn (Business); Lanchester, Karen (Medical Coding) Maricic, Matthew (Nursing); Rowan, Cory (Welding); Rydberg, Christa (Health Science); Saye, Amanda (Accounting); Stone, Julia (Interior Design)

Loudon, NH
Pearl, Raven (Health Science); Warren, David (Health Information Management)

Manchester, NH
Afshar, Olivia (Business); Arsakhanova, Milana (Management); Belem, Parfait (Health Science); Blue, Katelyn (Life Science); Boucher, Melissa (Early Childhood Education); Boule, Tyler (Welding); Burton, Devin (Liberal Arts); Bussiere, Taylor (Business and Management); Carr, Robert (Business Communication); Clarkson, Myles (Liberal Arts); ConSeant, Yvrose (Fine Arts); Costello, Christopher (HVAC); Daniels, Jaquelyn (Graphic Design); Deary, Patrick (Liberal Arts); Demers, Natasha (Management); Denver, Riley (Automotive); Descoteaux, Shane (Cybersecurity); Doscher, Nina (Accounting); Dumont, Dorothy (Health Science); Dusseault, Kathryn (Behavioral Science); Duval, Emma (Early Childhood Education); Feliciano, Tavis (Accounting); Forziati, Brittany (Nursing); Gallagher, Tracy (Nursing); Gardner, Kearsten (Management); Gilmartin, Nicole (Business); Ginnard, John (Exercise Science); Goodpasture, Brandon (Accounting); Harfield, Phyllis (Business Communication and Marketing); Henry, Tamahni (Liberal Arts and Nursing); Hoover, Gary (Life Science); Ijiyemi, Olabode (Cybersecurity); Iorio, Kayla (Liberal Arts); Ismayilova, Aytaj (Business Communication and Marketing); Jackson, LaDain (Liberal Arts); Jepson, Samantha (Management); Jolin, Kimberly (Interior Design); Kananura, Marjorie (Health Information Management); Kashmoola, Abdullah (Computer Science); Kasirahinga, Eric (Computer Science and Innovation); Kimball, Johanna (Nursing); Landry, Jared (Cybersecurity); Larivee, Lisa (Liberal Arts); Lavoie, Jessica (Medical Assisting): Legesse, Genet (Liberal Arts); Lillis, Tyler (Teacher Education); Magar, Tula (Computer Science); Mahmutovic, Adina (Accounting); Major, Katelyn (Nursing); Makhatdinova, Gulyetar (Business Communication and Marketing); Malone, Samuel (Welding); Manning, Ethan (Liberal Arts); Marcoux, Ryan (Electrical Technology); Marty, Britney (Liberal Arts); Mason, Lisa (Nursing); McDonald, Jessica (Behavioral Science); Michelin, Joseph (Management); Milele, Crispin (Management); Millington, Anton (Management); Morrissey, Zara (Electrical Technology); Munoz, Alina (Cybersecurity); Murphy, Kevin (Advanced Manufacturing); Nelson, Midori (Management); Nguyen, Minh-Tri (Accounting); Pellegrini, Samantha (Teacher Education); Pena Figueroa, Stephanie (Early Childhood Education); Perez, Josue (Computer Science and Innovation); Perez-Narajo, Veronica (Accounting); Peterson, Timothy (Welding); Pierre-Dion, Micaylah (Behavioral Science); Ramirez, Ricky (Cybersecurity); Reilly, Sean (Advanced Manufacturing); Reynolds-Reuschel, Adam (Cybersecurity); Rodriguez, Yuliana (Early Childhood Education); Roux-Decoste, Cody (Marketing); Rozmovits, Elizabeth (Graphic Design); Schroder, Emma (Nursing); Severin, Ryan (Accounting); Shunn, Kelly (Accounting); Sikatorskaya, Victoriya (Health Science); Sweren, Christina (Accounting); Tetrault, Shaylee (Nursing); Thornton, Bridget (Accounting); Trowsdale, Allison (Nursing); Velazco, Ian (Management); Vong, Van (Accounting); Walls, Leandra (Behavioral Science); Watts, Taryn (Nursing); Werman, James (Cybersecurity); Wulf, Amy (Nursing); Young, Corey (Interior Design); Young, Hunter (Management)

Merrimack, NH
Horkey, Luke (Business Communication); Kinney, Amber (Liberal Arts); Laminu, Alicia (Nursing); Lee, Stacey (Business); Peloquin, Matthew-Luis (Management); White, Christina (Nursing)

Methuen, MA
Lever, Devin (Automotive); Saade, Charbel (Automotive)

Midlothian, VA
Della Valentina, Diana (Accounting)

Milford, NH
Curtis, Skylar (Graphic design); Robarge, Dana (Technical Studies)

Nashua, NH
Baker, Emily (Health Science); Becker, Thomas (Graphic Design); Burns, Alyssa (Liberal Arts); Coakley, John (Liberal Arts); Collins, Kayla (Exercise Science); Cook, Thomas (Interior Design); Morse, Noah (Marketing); Quezada Dejesus, Kimberly (Business)

New Boston, NH
Avery, Benjamin (Accounting); Cass, Kimberly (Nursing); GiConte, Anna (Interior Design); Pinard, Emma )Nursing); Robinson, Rachael (Early Childhood Education); Snitgen, Andrew (Advanced Manufacturing); Wilson, Cameron (Business)

New London, NH
Clark, Melanie (Nursing); Mace, Kelly (Nursing)

Newbury, NH
Sailor, Natalie (Nursing)

Newport, NH
MacConnell, Danielle (Welding)

North Berwick, ME
Perry, Douglas (Life Science)

Pembroke, NH
Hutchinson, Letah (Marketing)

Penacook, NH
Thurber, Olivia (Nursing)

Pepperell, MA
Baptiste, Domonique (Nursing); Ferris, Jessica (Fine Arts)

Peterborough, NH
Thessen, Brian (Welding)

Plainfield, NH
Swett, Samantha (Nursing)

Portsmouth, NH
Morris, Lindsey (Nursing)

Raymond, NH
DaSilva, Jessica (Marketing); Dowe, Brianna (Behavioral Science); Getchell, Andrew (Computer Science); LaFlamme, Stephanie (Early Childhood Education); Wheadon, Janet (Health Information Management)

Rochester, NH
Egan, Andrew (Automotive); Gregory, KabeBrium (Management)

Salem, NH
Courcelle, Michael (Management); D'Aoust, Samantha (Nursing); Herrera, Ethan (Management); Kisiel, Allison (Teacher Education); Leandro, Frank (Electrical Technology); Lira, Cameron (Business); Mackie-Morrissey, Jake (English); Marsh, Amanda (Nursing); Mendonca, Kenneth (Advanced Manufacturing); Montefusco, Luigi (Graphic Design); Stafford, Alexis (Management); Taylor, Kasandra (Teacher Education); Thibodeau, Tyler (Automotive)

Sandown, NH
Cyr, Katherine (Welding); Wheeler, Robyn (Nursing)

Stratham, NH
Mitchell, Kyla (Life Science)

Sunapee, NH
Clay, Matthew (Welding)

Suncook, NH
Wells, Shannon (Behavioral Science)

Swanzey, NH
Maxfield, Lucas (Welding)

Tilton, NH
Dill, Kendall (Interior Design); Ethier, Nicholas (Welding)

Warner, NH
Sapochetti, Abby (Nursing)

Washington, NH
Stephansky, Tiffany (Nursing)

Weare, NH
Gilligan, Jenny (Exercise Science); Kram, Rebecca (Health Information Management); Stone, Kristine (Medical Assisting); Thibodeau, Alexandra (Nursing)

Windham, NH
Beedham, Scott (Management); Chapman, Stephanie (Nursing); Collins, James (Management); Dastous, Kenneth (Welding); Hebert, Jason (HVAC)

Winter Garden, FL
Hughes, Noah (Liberal Arts)

Woodstock, GA
Robinson, Kailee (Liberal Arts)

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