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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Summer Class at MCC

Posted: April 20, 2020

Whether you are a current MCC student, or attend another college, online summer classes at MCC are a smart choice:

1. Stay on track to graduate on time (or even early)!

It can be challenging to fit in five courses each fall and spring semester to hit the average 30 credits needed every year to graduate on time. Taking one summer course at MCC will help you breathe easier next fall or spring.

2. Save money!

Federal financial aid recipients are eligible for three semesters of financial aid each year. Pell-eligible students may see an increase in their Pell award by registering for all three academic semesters - summer, fall and spring. (Also, a typical three-credit course costs just a little over $700 at MCC.)

3. Earn more $$$!

Earning a credential (degree or certificate) usually means an increase in wages. Graduating on time allows you to get a higher paying job/promotion sooner than those who delay graduation.

4. Still have time for summer vacation!

With four different start times of online options, you can select classes that still allow you to take time off for vacation.

5. Retain your brain!

Studies show that taking summer classes helps you be better prepared for your fall classes by keeping your brain active and keeping your focus on academics.

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Summer is a great time to take a "gen-ed" course, for example Math, English or Psychology.