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MCC Holds 67th Commencement

MCC 2013 Graduate MCC 2013 Graduate
Photo by MCC Photography Staff

Posted: May 23, 2013

Manchester Community College held its 67th commencement May 22nd, celebrating the achievements of just over 200 graduates. The ceremony was held at the Sullivan Arena at St. Anselm College.

In keeping with the recent MCC tradition of having alumni serve as commencement speakers, Ron Pinard (MCC Class of 1970, with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electro Mechanical Design) was the 2013 Commencement Speaker. After a career with Digital Equipment, Raytheon and Intel, Pinard and four colleagues partnered with Princeton University to form a nanotechnology company, NanoOpto, which eventually received patents for Blu-Ray, the infrared cut filters used in the cameras of most cell phones in use today, 3D optics for movies used by Dolby and other filmmakers, and most recently, the optics for the new iPad.

Two students were recognized as part of the commencement exercises:
David Matteucci (Goffstown) received the President's Award for highest GPA.
Nickolas Yastek (Manchester) received the College Service Award.

MCC President Susan Huard, Vice President of Academic Affairs John Cook, and members of the Community College System of NH's Board of Trustees presented the students with their diplomas.

The college awards three different types of associate degrees: Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.); Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S).

2013 Graduates include:

Michael Berthiaume, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Alyssa Remy, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business

Tiffany Alberts, A.S., Nursing; Stephanie Dambach, A.S., Nursing and Hannah Mercer, A.S. Nursing

Kaitlyn Durocher, A.A., Liberal Arts; Roxanne Mann, A.S., Business Communications; Dragana Sarajlic, A.S., Accounting and Heather Worster, A.S., Nursing

Timothy Foley, A.A.S., Automotive Technology

Katherine McMahon, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Levi Bateman, A.A.S., Automotive Technology; Tyler Caldwell, A.A.S., Automotive Technology; Lisa Langenberger, A.S., Nursing; Jason Miller, A.A.S., Welding; Peter Miner, A.A.S., Automotive Technology and Jessika Spottiswood, A.S., Medical Assisting

Laura Dolloff, A.S., Nursing

Molly Androski, A.S., Nursing and Marcy Crossan, A.S., Medical Assisting

Ellen Parker, A.S., Nursing

Sieria Amthor, A.S., Medical Assisting; Kyle Arsenault, A.S., Management; Brittany Brothers, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Steven Bryant, A.A.S., Welding; Connor Chadwick, A.A.S., Welding; Joanne Curran, A.S., Health Information Management; Kimberley Hodnett, A.S., Nursing; Debra Jesionowski, A.S., Nursing; Jennifer Josephson, A.A., Education; Melissa Leonhard, A.S., Management; Cristina Mooshian, A.S., Nursing; Darlene Morin, A.S., Nursing; Briyana Muise, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Jeffrey Newhook, A.S., Health Information Management; Jill Richards, A.S., Accounting; Michael Sachs, A.A.S., Welding; Joseph Wall, A.A.S., Welding and Felisha Wilbur, A.A., Liberal Arts

Joshua Murphy, A.A.S., Automotive Technology

Coady Leach, A.A.S., Welding and Kelly Main, A.S., Nursing

Christine Kizik, A.S., Nursing

Stephen MacDonald, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Tyler Lawrence, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business and Chanel Swinerton, A.A.S., Automotive Technology

Rowdie Maloney, Professional Certificate, Welding

Ryan Emerson, A.S., Electrical Technology; Jonathan Havener, A.A.S., Automotive Technology; Joseph Hurley, A.A., Liberal Arts; Nikita Kvashninov, A.A.S., Graphic Design; David Matteucci, A.S., Accounting; Melanie Ohlin, A.S., Nursing; Alyssa Paré, A.S., Accounting and Jayne Thompson, A.S., Nursing

Megan McMahon, A.S., Marketing and Emily Monaco, A.S., Management

Corey Chamberlain, A.A.S., Building Construction

Amanda Ahlman, A.S., Management; Sharon Bower, Professional Certificate, Medical Assisting; Heather Day, A.S., Nursing; Mariya Gult, A.S., Accounting and Management; Ariana Lodise, A.S., Nursing; Amanda Manzella, A.S., Nursing; Samantha Moseley, A.A., Liberal Arts; Breane Orf, A.S., Medical Assisting; Liliana Palacio, A.S., Liberal Arts and Scott Pilotte, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Anthony Davis, A.A.S., Automotive Technology

Douglas Albertson, A.S., Electrical Technology and Gavin Hodgkins, A.A.S., Building Construction

Mark Shackett, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Paul Johnson, A.S., Management; Seth Miller, A.A.S., Building Construction; Juliane Myotte, A.S., Medical Assisting; Jessica Philbrick, A.A., Education and Sarah Unger, A.S., Accounting

Kimberly Browning, Professional Certificate, Medical Assisting; Julie Casey, A.S., Nursing; Nicole Cloutier, A.A., Liberal Arts; Sandra Cole, A.S., Nursing; Lori Coleman, A.S., Nursing; Michael Grenier, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; James Guzowski, A.A.S., Automotive Technology; Christopher Hanulec, A.A.S., Building Construction; Candice Hutchins, A.A., Fine Arts; Rebecca Mansfield, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kendra Tamburino, A.S., Medical Assisting, and Patricia Tortolini, A.S., Business Communications

Jeremy Mann, A.S., Electrical Technology and Michelle Rule, A.S., Nursing

Velid Bajric, A.S., Computer Science; Cassie Beaudin, A.A., Liberal Arts; Brian Bentley, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Joanne Bernard, A.S., Management; Lauren Berridge, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Nicole Brooks, A.S., Accounting; Zbigniew Bujno, A.S., Electrical Technology and A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Andrew Burns, A.A.S., Building Construction; Craig Campbell, A.S., Accounting; Stacey Carter, A.S., Management; Spenser Cattin, A.A.S., Welding; Susan Chalogias, A.S., Nursing; Steven Collette, A.A.S., Building Construction; Kelley Cosgrove, A.A., Education; Meghan Crawford, A.S., Medical Assisting; Gustavo Cruz, Liberal Arts/Business; Mark Dacosta, A.S., Management; Caitlin Ducharme, A.S., Medical Assisting; Joseph Eager, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kelly Emery, A.S., Nursing; Sedina Fazlic, A.S., Accounting; Lucila Fields, A.S., Nursing; Mario Giordano, A.A.S., Welding; Jennifer Gourde, A.S., Nursing; Brian Guilmette, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Pratistha Gurung, A.S., Medical Assisting; Adele Hapgood, A.S., Health Information Management; Amanda Hunt, A.A., Liberal Arts; Catherine Huot, A.A., Liberal Arts; Nathan Jaworski, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kyle Jobin, A.S., Medical Assisting; Ryan Juza, A.S., Computer Science; Chelsea Kaled, A.A., Liberal Arts; Fatima Kanu, A.S., Accounting; Kristy Koehler, A.S., Accounting; Paul Landwehr, A.S., Management; Kaitlin Lindsey, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Alexandra Lominy, A.A., Liberal Arts; Melissa Lopez, A.S., Nursing; Farai Mabvudza, A.A., Liberal Arts; Caitlyn Macdonald, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Bruce Madore, A.S., Accounting; Lydia Maguire, A.A., Liberal Arts; Michael Mcgovern, A.S., Management; Shelly Morrissey, A.S., Nursing; Kalenga Mpoyo, A.S., Computer Science; Steven Ridgeway, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Jennifer Scheer, A.S., Management; Edda Sicoli, A.S., Nursing; Timothy Simoneau, A.S., Computer Science; Mirnesa Taletovic, A.S., Nursing; Eileen Tarverdian, A.S., Accounting; Michael Tessier, A.A.S., Building Construction; John Thagard, A.S, Nursing; Astrid Thiess, A.A.S., Interior Design; Kirstie Thomson, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Mckie Walker, A.A.S., Graphic Design and Amber-Le Whitcher, A.A., Liberal Arts

James Findlay, A.A.S., Building Construction

Jarad Cloutier, A.S., Electrical Technology; Jaclyn Gagne, A.S., Nursing; Jamie Gibson, A.S., Management; Jaclyn Hieken, A.S., Management; Amy Lodge, A.S., Nursing; James Meier, A.A.S., Welding and Valerie Olson, A.S., Nursing

Cady Bishop, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Katie Brassard, A.S., Nursing and Kyra Lewis, A.S., Nursing

Stephen Bodnar, A.A.S., Automotive Technology; Susan Frieda, A.S., Nursing; Max Holden, A.A.S., Welding; Matthew Lazzaro, A.A.S. Welding, and Jorge Sanchez Lemos, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

New Boston
Michelle Miller, A.S., Nursing

New Ipswich
Amy Martel, A.S., Nursing

Jared Chaisson, A.A.S., Welding

Kyle Lacourse, Professional Certificate, Welding

Benjamin Davis, A.A.S., Welding

Susan Robitelle, A.S., Health Information Management

Jennifer Bowker, A.S., Nursing and Anthony Teixeira, A.S., Exercise Science

Andrew Ahlquist, A.A.S, Building Construction and Ryan Ferguson, A.S., Electrical Technology

Merritt Cavanaugh, Professional Certificate, Welding

Shawn Adair, A.A., Liberal Arts; Jennifer Boucher, A.S., Accounting; Megan Burrows, A.A.S., Automotive Technology; Casey DeYoung, A.S., Nursing; Christopher Ferris, A.S., Electrical Technology; Kathleen Hansen, A.S., Nursing; Beth Harmon, A.S., Nursing; Melissa Hillman, A.S., Management; Astrild Maltby, A.S., Health Information Management; Deborah Park, A.S., Accounting and Nicole Parker, A.S., Management

Jonathan Brooks, A.S., Health Information Management; Alison Burke, A.S., Health Information Management; Matthew Morin, A.A.S., Building Construction and Nikita Zrezartsev, A.A.S., Welding

Colleen Carey, A.S., Management; Kayla Corey, A.S., Exercise Science; Keith Paulet, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning, and Leah Sancoff, A.S., Nursing

Randy Willard, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Tyler MacNeil, A.S., Accounting and Lacey Mills, A.A., Liberal Arts

Lauren Klatt, A.S., Management and A.S., Marketing

Roni Conlon, A.S., Nursing

Out of State

Cambridge, MA
Jose Rivera, A.A., Fine Arts

Groton, MA
Wei Liu, A.S., Accounting

Methuen, MA
Kathleen Giroux, A.S., Health Information Management

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