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MCC Holds 66th Commencement

MCC Students Celebrate MCC Students Celebrate
Photo by MCC Photography Staff

Posted: May 25, 2012

Manchester Community College held its 66th commencement May 23rd, celebrating the achievements of 252 graduates – the largest graduating class in the college's history – and honoring several students with special awards. The ceremony was held at the Sullivan Arena at St. Anselm College.

In keeping with a new MCC tradition of having alumni serve as commencement speakers, David A. Fink (MCC Class of 1988, with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology), a Major and Senior Operations Officer, 197th Fires Brigade, NH Army National Guard, and a welding process engineer at the New England Small Tube Corporation, was the 2012 Commencement Speaker.

During the ceremonies, MCC President Dr. Susan Huard presented a plaque in memory of Christopher A. Lessard (Hooksett), a 39-year-old welding student who died unexpectedly May 3rd. His fiancée, Meghan Hebert, received the plaque; his diploma was presented to his mother, Pamela Lessard. The text on the plaque, which was written by Lessard's classmates, described him as a mentor, a big brother, the one "who held together our class," and a friend who "left us for the better after knowing him."

Two students were recognized as part of the commencement exercises:
Amy Conklin (Derry) received the President's Award for highest GPA.
Tia Brien (Auburn) received the College Service Award.

President Huard, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Kim Keegan, and members of the Community College System of NH’s Board of Trustees presented the students with their diplomas.

The college awards three different types of associate degrees: Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.); Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S).

Graduates include:

Samantha Nicholson, A.S., Marketing

Courtney LeBlanc, A.A.S., Automotive; Alexander Shvarts, A.A.S., Automotive

Tia Brien, A.S., Management; Karyn Chiachio, A.A., Liberal Arts; Nicole Houle, A.A.S., Interior Design; Andrew Polanik, A.A.S., Building Construction; Bruce Stein, A.S., Accounting; Jessica Zakrajsek, A.A., Liberal Arts

Erik Gosselin, A.A.S., Welding; Emilia Porter, A.S., Accounting; Abhishek, Shah, A.S., Management

Denise Hollen, A.S., Medical Assistant

Julie Hale, A.S., Nursing

Bryan Landry, A.A.S., Building Construction; Jennifer Vertullo, A.S., Nursing

Daniel Blackmore, A.S., Electrical Technology; Kristen Gould, A.S., Nursing

Natasha Laliberte, A.S., Accounting; Karen Perron-Shepard, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education

Daniel Basnett, A.A.S., Welding; Joseph Leonard, A.S., Management; Seager Russell, A.A., Education

Nathaniel Dupont, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Hannah Burchard, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Jennifer Coigley, A.A., Liberal Arts; Edward Roy, A.S., Nursing; Kristina Snyder, A.S., Medical Assistant; Karen Wheeler, A.S., Accounting

Pamela Nation, A.S., Nursing

Dylan Burke, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Kristine Cherbonneau, A.S., Nursing; Amy Conklin, A.S., Accounting; Samantha Crehan, A.S., Nursing; Andrew Daigle, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Rebecca Fournier, A.S., Nursing; Matthew Gobbi, A.A., Liberal Arts; Amy Hollingworth, A.S., Nursing; Stephanie Madarese, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Gerald Mafera, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Chelsey Michalski, A.S., Accounting; Roxanne Moerloos, A.S., Nursing; Daniel Myers, A.S., Electrical Technology; Rachel Myers, A.S., Management; Robert Perry, A.S., Management; Devan Rice, A.S., Accounting; Jodi Salerno, A.S., Nursing; Robert Sampson, A.S., Electrical Technology; Alysia Smith, A.S. Nursing; Daniel Thibeault, A.S., Accounting; Sean Zajac, A.A., Liberal Arts

William Grammatic, A.A.S., Automotive

James Mann, A.S., Electrical Technology; Brandon Rae, A.S., Management

East Hampstead
Marla Berg, A.S., Nursing; Karen Carpenter, A.S., Nursing; Crystal Merrifield, A.S., Accounting; Ilyssa Sherman, A.S., Medical Assistant; Bernadette Lincourt, A.S., Health Information Management

Brandon Bouvier, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Wendi Zimmermann, A.S., Accounting and A.A.S. Administrative Professional

Micah Bolduc, A.S., Management

Justin Hopkins, A.A.S., Welding

Jonathan Sawlan, A.S., Management

Anna Taylor, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Nichole Bournival, A.A.S., Graphic Design; John Callanan, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Christian Dudoit, A.A., Liberal Arts; Meagan Grant, A.S., Management; Lauren Gurskis, A.S., Nursing; Keira Martin, A.S., Nursing; Edward O’Grady, A.S., Exercise Science; Paul Ramsey, A.S., Computer Science

Nathan Taft, A.A.S., Welding

Stacey Beers, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Daniel Baribeau, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Ryan Davey, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Fatima Elgayli, A.S., Accounting; Jennifer forest, A.S., Nursing; Mustafa Hodzic, A.S., Management; Ryan Isabelle, A.A.S., Building Construction; Iryna King, A.S., Nursing; Christine Neville, A.A., Education; Natalie Sweeney, A.S., Accounting

Danielle Coffill, A.S., Nursing; Joanna Dillon, A.S., Nursing; Ryan Faria, A.S., Accounting; Garrett Halvorson, A.A.S., Graphic Design; David Hamilton, A.S., Nursing; Kevin Monty, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Kevin O’Brien, A.A.S., Welding; Erika Winans, A.S., Management; Kelsey Zimmerman, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Daniel Wrona, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Stephen Fontaine, A.A.S., Building Construction

Kyle Fuller, A.A.S., Welding; Cory Philbrick, A.S., Accounting

Michael Ferdinand, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Catrina Ledoux, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Jennifer Thebodeau, A.S., Nursing

Chantal Deshaies, A.S., Accounting; Melinda Elwood, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Michael Gillespie, A.S., Nursing; Rachel Hollingsworth, A.S., Nursing; Shawn Kelleher, A.S., computer Technologies; Donald Kinnett, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Brad LeBlanc, A.S., Management; Tina McGuirk, A.S., Nursing; Lori Parziale, A.S., Management; Bryan Ricciardi, A.S., Management; Katelyn Rougier, Prof. Certificate, Early Childhood Education; Eric Tamburino, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Alfred Waitt, A.S., Management

Mitchell Albro, A.S., Management; Beroty Antione, A.S., Accounting; Gina Anzalone, A.S., Management; Jessica Austin, A.S., Nursing; Joseph Aviza, A.S., Electrical Technology; Benjamin Beato Herrera, A.A., Liberal Arts; Smeraldina Becirovic, A.S., Marketing; Amanda Beckwith, A.A., Fine Arts; David Begin, A.S., Exercise Science; Leila Biscanin, A.S., Accounting; Stacey Boisvert, A.S., Nursing; Lauryn Bouchard, A.S., Medical Assisting; Nathaniel Box, A.S., Nursing; Daniel Breault, A.A.S., Welding; Amanda Bridgewater-Alvarez , A.S., Accounting; Brian Brisson, A.A.S., Automotive; Bryan Button, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Adam Caron, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Randi Carter, A.S., Nursing; Jacqueline Champagne, A.S., Management; Johanna Corriveau, A.S., Nursing; Alan Day, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Theresa Defosses, A.S., Nursing; Diolienda Delizia, A.S., Management; Danielle Desmarais, A.S., Management; Brian Doughty O’Connell, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Derek Dumont, A.A.S., Automotive; Patrick Ellingson, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Bonie Faulkner, A.A., Education; McKeea Fields, A.S., Accounting; Raquel Gawron, A.A., Education; Joseph Gearty, A.A.S., Automotive; Patrick Gearty, A.A.S., Automotive; Lisa Gomulka, A.S., Nursing; Madison Harold, A.S., Marketing; Erin Hebert, A.S., Nursing; Gerardo Hernando, A.A.S., Welding; Hillary Jones, A.S., Medical Assistant; Ryan Ladd, A.S., Management; Todd Lajoie, A.A., Liberal Arts; Odette Lekien, A.S., Nursing; Karen Lenney, A.S., Accounting; Andrew Lessard, A.S., Management; Joseph Liebke, A.A.S., Automotive; Damir LIvancic, A.S., Management; Wanda Lopez, A.S., Nursing; Patricia Macarthur, A.S., Accounting; Jennifer Mackenzie, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Malcolm MacNeil, A.S., Accounting; Kerin Malley, A.S., Nursing; Justin McElligott, A.S., Accounting; Marcia McGrath, A.S., Medical Assistant; Kathleen McHugh, A.A., Education; Sarah Michalak, A.A.S., Automotive; Patrick Neveu, A.S., Electrical Technology; Phuc Nguyen, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Consolata Omingo, A.S., Nursing; Jeffrey Paquette, A.S., Computer Technology; Christine Pellett, A.S., Accounting; John Pilvelis, A.A., Liberal Arts; Samantha Pratt, A. A., Fine Arts; Jesse Roberge, A.S., Management; Ryan Rowden, A.A.S., Welding; Quetcy Saade, A.A., Liberal Arts; Crystal Shore, Professional Cert., Medical Assistant; Michelle Simoneau, A.A., Education; Paul Sinclair, A.S., Electrical Technology; Christine Stiasny, A.S., Health Information Management; Richard Stockbridge, A.S., Computer Science; Katie Testagrossa, A.S., Nursing; Nicholas Therrien, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Susan Toledo, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Susan Valliere, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business and A.S., Management; Betty Jo Villeneuve, A.S., Nursing; Raphaelle Vrana, A.A., Liberal Arts; Sherry Warner, A.S., Nursing; Nathan White, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Julie Block, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Robert Moriarty, A.S., Accounting; Ashley Rennie, A.S., Management; Rebecca Roland, A.S., Management; Matthew Wenzel, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Cody Gibson, A.A.S., Automotive; Jennifer Libonate, A.S., Nursing; Amy Morisette, A.S., Nursing; Jason Salois, A.S, Management; Sarajean Senterfit, A.A.S., Interior Design; David Seymour, A.A., Liberal Arts

New Boston
Marissa Cjarest, A.S., Nursing; Danika Maxwell, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kimberly Perkins, A.S., Nursing

New Ipswich
Bethany Parker, A.A., Liberal Arts

Bradford Davis, A.A.S., Welding; Sean Kennedy, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning; Jenna Nelson, A.A.S., Interior Design

Allison Vanti, A.S., Accounting

Kelsey Stewart, A.S., Nursing

Ian Connolly, A.A.S., Building Construction; Dale Munoz, A.S., Electrical Technology

Christine Brothwell, A.S., Nursing; Victoria Doremus, A.S., Nursing; Jessica Skelton, A.S., Medical Assistant; Alicia Soucy, A.S., Nursing

Jacob Pelletier, A.S., Electrical Technology

Jacob Bobbie, A.A.S., Welding; Tuler Daigler, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Alexander Sherrill, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Annmarie McCully, A.S., Exercise Science; Rosalind Ryan, A.S., Health Information Management

Heather Fleisher, A.S., Marketing; Felicia Orchard, A.S., Nursing

Loriann Boynton, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Wade Libby, A.S., Exercise Science; Kenneth Stephens, A.A.S., Welding; Jordan Widger, A.S., Electrical Technology

Katherine Hamlin, A.S., Management; Autumn Vergo, A.S., Nursing

Kyle Moniz, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

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