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MCC Students Honored at Celebration of Excellence

2012 Celebration of Excellence Recipients 2012 Celebration of Excellence Recipients
Photo by MCC Photography Staff

Posted: May 16, 2012

Seventeen graduating or completing students were honored May 14th at Manchester Community College’s 16th annual Celebration of Excellence at Fratello’s Ristorante. Nominated by MCC faculty or staff, the students received Academic Achievement Awards and/or Excellence Awards.

Excellence in Leadership Awards are presented to students who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities, which include: the ability to clearly and effectively articulate a vision; ethical decision-making; team building; critical problem-solving and the ability to motivate others toward a common goal. The recipients are:

From Auburn: Tia Brien (Management); From East Hampstead: Karen Carpenter (Nursing)

The Excellence as a Humanitarian Award is presented to the student who gives of his/her time and talents selflessly in service to others. The recipient is:

From Wilton: Autumn Vergo (Nursing)

Excellence in Inspiration Awards are presented to students who have inspired others to achieve, to make changes, to reflect on their own lives. These students may have succeeded despite challenges and obstacles through their positive attitude and commitment to achieve, thus serving as a role model for others. Recipients are:

From Chester: Seager Russell (Liberal Arts/Education); From Manchester: Kimberlee Coombes (Liberal Arts)

Thirteen students received Academic Achievement Awards, based upon their cumulative grade point average, level of skill or expertise in their program, or their achievement of program goals. They are:

From Alstead: Michael Hakey (for achievement in the Welding program)

From Chester: Seager Russell (Liberal Arts/Education)

From Deerfield: Pamela Nation (Nursing)

From Derry: Andrew Daigle (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning)

From East Hampstead: Ilyssa Sherman (Medical Assistant)

From Glen: Anna Taylor (Graphic Design)

From Kingston: Corey Philbrick (Accounting)

From Manchester: Madison Harold (Marketing); Mattea Schevey (Fine Arts); Christine Stiasny (Health Information Management)

From Merrimack: Rebecca Roland (Management)

From Nashua: Sarajean Senterfit (Interior Design)

From New Ipswich: Bethany Parker (Liberal Arts)