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MCC Holds 65th Commencement

2011 Graduates 2011 Graduates
Photo by MCC Photography Staff

Posted: May 26, 2011

Manchester Community College held its 65th commencement May 25th, celebrating the achievements of almost 200 graduates, and honoring several students and staff with special awards. The ceremony was held at the Sullivan Arena at St. Anselm College.

Richard Horan (MCC Class of 1975) and founder/owner of Precision Imports in Manchester and Dr. Linda S. Gifford (MCC Class of 1992) of the Western Maine Family Practice were the commencement speakers.

Two students were recognized as part of the commencement exercises:
Michael Gagnon (Londonderry) received the President’s Award for highest GPA.
Alex Lamontagne (Manchester) received the Vice President of Student Services Award..

MCC also awarded an honorary Associate in Science degree in Electrical Technologies to Bruce McKenna of Goffstown. McKenna began his MCC career in 1993 as an adjunct faculty member teaching non-credit electrical apprentice courses to our evening students; by 2009 he had created (primarily on his own time) a credit-bearing certificate and degree program in Electrical Technologies. A U.S. Navy veteran, Bruce began his electrical career as an apprentice at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and began his teaching career as an instructor in the U.S. Naval Guided Missile School in Virginia. After leaving the service and qualifying as a Master Electrician, he held a number of positions in private industry while also running his own electrical contracting business, and, in 1993, joined the college. Since that time, his passion for the college and his professional affiliations have led directly to donations of equipment and software to the Electrical Program, relationships with new adjunct faculty members, the creation of a professional advisory board for the program, and opportunities for students to liaison with business and industry partners. Recently, serious medical issues have made it impossible for McKenna to continue teaching; the college acknowledged his service to MCC with this honorary degree.

MCC President Dr. Susan Huard, Vice President Dr. Mary Scerra and trustee Claudette Mahar presented the students with their diplomas.

The college awards three types of associate degrees: Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.); Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S).

2011 Graduates include:

Margaret Breton, A.A., Liberal Arts

Ryan Cahill, A.S., Accounting; Thomas Netishen, A.S., Marketing; Christine Papciak, A.S., Accounting; Stephen Peacock, Professional Certificate, Welding

Benjamin Andwood, A.S., Exercise Science; Christine Bartley, A.S., Nursing; Meghan Baston, A.S., Nursing; Christopher Bruno, A.S., Marketing; Jennifer Conley, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Samuel Edes, A.A.S., Automobile Technology; Ryan Pierce, A.A.S., Automobile Technology; Kayla Reade, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Natalie Wade, A.S., Nursing

Kelsey Hellyer, A.S., Nursing; Zachary Nault, A.A.S., Welding; Casey Potvin, A.S., Exercise Science

Cassidy Worthington, A.A.S. Auto Technology

Jennifer Cavaretta, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Karen Iller, A.S., Nursing

Alex Colbert, A.A.S., Welding; Sarah Murray, A.S., Nursing

Robert Farnum, A.A.S., Welding

Bryant Lamprey, A.A.S., Commercial Design and Illustration; Abigail Miknaitis, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Sean Nolan, A.S., Management; Sarah Owens, A.S., Management; Wanida Pinard, A.S., Accounting

Bethany Hills, A.S., Nursing; Gail Tucker, A.S., Medical Assistant

Kaitlyn Belanger, A.A., Education; William Bindert, A.A.S., Auto Technology; Lisa Bono, A.S., Nursing; Melissa Brough, A.S., Nursing; Andre Castro, A.A.S., Welding; Jesse Coleman, A.A., Liberal Arts; Veronica Hibbard, A.S., Exercise Science; Taylor Hoyt, A.A.S., Welding; Kenneth LaRoche, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning; Stacey Larue, A.S., Nursing; Cheryl Livermore, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Stellica MacDonald, A.S., Nursing; Jennifer Thompson, A.A., Education; Keith Urquhart, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Yvette Bohn, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Cody Bolduc, A.A.S., Welding

Allison Bradley, A.S., Medical Assistant

Catherine O’Carroll, A.S., Accounting

Kelly Maclean, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Patricia Picard, A.S., Nursing

Philip Bill, A.A.S., Auto Technology; Brendan Fournier, A.S., Management; Kiersten Hasselbarth, A.S., Nursing; Daniel Lawn, A.S., Nursing; Meghan Martineau, A.S., Nursing; Jamie Morse, A.S., Management; Sean Stafford, A.A., Liberal Arts; Julia Thompson, A.S., Nursing

Sarah Nelson, A.S., Management

Nathan Taft, A.A.S., Building Construction; Nathan Tines, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Sara Arrigo, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kevin Beaudoin, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning; Ann-Margaret George Fish, A.S., Nursing; Chelsea Chevrette, A.S., Management; Steven DeFreest, A.S., Accounting; Jennifer Gagne, A.S., Nursing; Sandra Ramsey, A.S., Management; Caleb White, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Ian Bailey, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Stephanie Brainard, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Meaghan Lamothe, A.S., Nursing; Merissa Tencza, A.S., Nursing

Brian Petrini, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Shayna Martin, A.S., Medical Assistant; Darby Woodman, A.S., Medical Assisting

Jillian Bielinski, A.S., Nursing; Omara Casazza, A.A., Liberal Arts; Angela Donahue, A.S., Nursing; Michael Gagnon, A.S., Accounting; Michael King, A.S., Management; Kevin McCormick, A.A.S., Electrical Technologies; William McIver, A.S., Computer Technologies; Taylor Simpson, A.A., Education; Ashley Wilson, A.S., Marketing

Amela Arnautovic, A.S., Health Information Management; Josh Bennett, A.A.S., Welding; Gary Berg, A.S., Accounting; Jessica Bissett, A.A., Liberal Arts; April Bois, A.S., Accounting; Daniel Boucher, A.S., Exercise Science; Taizan Carter, A.A., Education; Thomas Casey, A.A.S., Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning; Amanda Chase, A.S., Nursing; Meredith Connolly, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Tricia Corson, A.S., Management; Stephanie Crittenden, A.A.S., Auto Technology; Natalie Courtemanche, A.S., Medical Assistant; Charles Currier, A.S., Computer Science; Richard Doyle, A.A., Liberal Arts; Annie Duquette, A.S., Nursing; Holly Enright, A.S., Nursing; Viana Ferguson, A.S., Marketing; Patricia Fischer, A.S., Nursing; Danielle Floyd, A.S., Nursing; Kevin Gagnon, A.S., Exercise Science; Karen Gauthier, A.S., Marketing; Nelia Gibson-Tremblay, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Katelyn Gosselin,, A.S., Medical Assistant; Ymrije Grajcevci, A.S., Management; Pratistha Gurung, A.A., Liberal Arts; Jessica Hallee, A.S., Management; Todd Harper, A.S., Nursing; Haris Hodzic, A.S., Management; Brian Hogan, A.A., Liberal Arts/Business; Thanh Hong, A.A., Liberal Arts; Damir Ibrahimovic, A.S., Computer Science; Din-Magomed Isaev, A.S., Management; Sarah Jones, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Caitlin Kelley, A.S., Management; Katie Laliberte, A.S., Nursing; Alex Lamontagne, A.S., Management; Christian Lavalee, A.S., Computer Technologies; David Machos, A.A.S., HVAC; Alison Marcy, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Elizabeth Moore, A.A.S., Early Childhood Education; Ashley Moore, A.S., Medical Assistant; Gregory Mullings, A.S., Nursing; Sean Owen, A.S., Nursing; Buom Pham, A.A.S., Administrative Professional; Melisa Porter, A.A.S., Executive Office Assistant; Deborah Raymond, A.A., Education; Ryan Rice, A.S., Nursing; Diana Ruff, A.S., Nursing; Pedro Sanabria, A.A., Liberal Arts; Luke Santoro, A.S., Computer Science; Kathryn Saunders, A.S., Accounting; Liana Shackford, A.S., Nursing; Scarlett Shulterbrondt, A.A.S., Auto Technology; Evan Smith, A.S., Accounting; Keri Spaulding, A.S., Nursing; Sarnia Stewartson, A.S., Nursing; Craig Tack, A.S., Computer Science; Kelly Taveras, A.A., Liberal Arts; Samra Tosunbegovic, A.S., Marketing; Joseph Thurston, A.S., Management; Carla Ventura, A.S., Medical Assistant; Samantha West, A.A.S., Graphic Design; Daniel Wilkinson, A.A., Education; Stacey Young, A.A., Liberal Arts; Savannah Zirbel, A.A., Liberal Arts

George Buckley, A.A.S., Welding; Ryan Duhaime, A.A.S., HVAC;

Amber Francoeur, A.S., Nursing; Debra Good, A.A.S., Graphic Design

Hannah Hutchinson, A.A.S., Auto Technology

Jerrel Brown, A.S., Exercise Science; John Cody, A.S., Nursing; Lindsay Fuller, A.S., Nursing; Ryan Houle, A.A.S., HVAC; Krista Lidman, A.S., Nursing

New Boston
Laura Fernald, A.S., Accounting; Tiffany Larochelle, A.S., Nursing; Derek Pascucci, A.A.S., Welding

New Ipswich
Preston Wolfe, A.A.S., Building Construction

Matthew Card, A.A.S., Welding; Jesse Sneider, A.S., Management

North Hampton
Jennifer Hewitt, A.S., Nursing; Curt Toczydlowski, A.A.S., Auto Technology

Jennifer Becotte, A.S., Nursing

Lisa Gailunas, A.A.S., Interior Design and A.S., Marketing; Jesse Mertz, A.S., Accounting

Darla Klimm, A.A.S., Interior Design

Zachary Ellis, A.S., Nursing; Robin Ross, A.S., Exercise Science

Austin Mucci, A.A.S., HVAC

Maria Trudeau, A.S., Nursing

James Demaura, A.A.S., Welding

Dustin Vachon, A.A.S., Auto Technology

Kristin Campbell, A.S., Management; Christopher Stephens, A.A.S., Auto Technology

Jacqueline Blanc, A.S., Nursing; Lauren Crowley, A.S., Nursing; Kelly Saltalamacchia, A.S., Medical Assistant

Amie Bezanson, A.S., Nursing

Heather Fleisher, A.S., Management

Hannah Orestis, A.S., Nursing; Kyle Roy, A.A.S., Welding

David Roy, A.S., Management; Jennifer Villemaire, A.S., Accounting

David Tyler, A.S., Exercise Science

Wolfeboro Falls
Richard Sartori, A.A.S., Building Construction

Out of State

Lowell, Massachusetts
Christopher Holak, A.A.S, Building Construction

Marshfield, Massachusetts
Tyler Pepin, A.A.S., Welding

Adrian, Michigan
Elizabeth Hollins, A.S., Nursing