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ENGL200M - Topics in Literature: Haunted Pages (3-0-3)

Covers selected literary themes, such as gothic, science fiction, or women’s literature. Students apply critical contexts and practice various theoretical approaches to the readings. Prerequisites: ENGL110XM or ENGL110M. Please note that students can take only ONE Special Topics literature courses for credit. (Fulfills English or Humanities requirement)

Fall 2023 Theme: Ghosts appear in almost every culture. While ghosts are especially popular in scary stories, they can also be helpful, friendly, or funny in different tales. This class will look at ghost stories selected from different times and places. We will think about how, where, and why ghosts appear. Are there some common threads? Do people use ghosts for similar ends? Or is the variety of ghost stories a reflection of the variety of cultures and experiences individuals have? While we may not come to definite answers, sometimes the mystery behind the stories is satisfaction enough.