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ENGL213M - Creative Writing: Writing in Response to Art (3-0-3)

Students learn and practice the techniques of creative writing using a combination of lecture, writing exercises and workshops. Using the writing process, students produce finished works of fiction and poetry, exploring and incorporating elements such as point of view, dialog, characterization, setting, imagery and poetic form and structure. Course readings are used for discussion, inspiration and idea development. Peer review and instructor feedback constitute a significant component of the course. Prerequisite: ENGL110XM or ENGL110M. (Fulfills English or Humanities requirement)

This Fall 2023 section will focus on ekphrastic practice. Throughout the course, students will learn the craft and technique of creative writing—across genre—through creative and craft-based readings, lectures, workshopping, and other means. Particularly, this course will focus on writing as art through ekphrastic practice—writing in response to other forms of art. Students will come to a fuller understanding of writing-as-art by writing while they engage in the creation of other relevant art in varied mediums. Their work across the course culminates in a multi-genre portfolio which will contain writing of varied genre, other art of varied media, and which is emblematic of each student's individual goals and aesthetics.