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ENGL200M - Topics in Literature: LGBTQ Literature (3-0-3)

Covers selected literary themes, such as gothic, science fiction, or women’s literature. Students apply critical contexts and practice various theoretical approaches to the readings. Prerequisites: ENGL110XM or ENGL110M. Please note that students can take only ONE Special Topics literature courses for credit. (Fulfills English or Humanities requirement)

“You tried to tell your story to people who didn't know how to listen.”
- Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House

LGBTQ voices have been lifted and accepted in the last few years in a way we have never seen before. This course will focus on extremely modern works written from 2017 to 2020. Students will experience LGBTQ literature that spans genres from the literary fiction (Sarah Winman’s Tin Man, Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, and Daisy Johnson’s Everything Under) to satirical fiction (Chuck Palahniuk’s Adjustment Day) to nonfiction collections (David Sedaris’ The Best of Me and Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House). Students will see ranging LGBTQ authors, voices, and characters. Students will be able to analyze not only how the characters and their identities affect their experiences, but the political and cultural issues that shape how LGBTQ literature is formed. This course welcomes all students, particularly those interested in identity, sexuality, and subversive works of literature. This course does challenge ideas of comfortability and students must enter the course with an open mind.