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NURS211M - Nursing III (4-15-9)

The student continues to develop competence to provide and manage care for patients and their families across the life span in structured Healthcare settings. The student provides support and teaching to the patient and family and direct care for the patient. Includes the Functional Health Patterns of Activity Exercise, Elimination, Nutrition Metabolic, Self-Perception and Coping Stress Tolerance. Intellectual, interpersonal and psychomotor competencies are further developed. Needs of patients across the life span are emphasized with special focus on adults, children in childbearing and child rearing families and psychiatric/mental Healthcare settings. The student will plan the care of the patient/family utilizing the Nursing Process. Direct care will be provided to patients with common health problems. Laboratory learning provides opportunities to practice increasingly complex nursing skills in simulated activities. Clinical learning experiences are provided in adult Healthcare settings and psychiatric/mental health, or perinatal/pediatric settings. Prerequisites: NURS112M and BIOL120M with a grade of “C” or better and completion of PSYC210M. Corequisites: BIOL210M, ENGL110M.