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NURS111M - Nursing I (6-12-10)

Introduces the roles of the Associate Degree Nurse as a provider and manager of care and member of the discipline of nursing. Students develop beginning intellectual, interpersonal and psychomotor competencies for patient assessment. Communication theory, life span development, ethical-legal standards and nursing process are basic concepts to the practice of nursing. Introduces the concept that the person is a system in dynamic interaction with internal and external environments. The 11 Functional Health Patterns organize the study of concepts common to a basic knowledge of the patient’s state of wellness and possible or actual health problems. The Learning Laboratory provides opportunities to practice nursing skills in simulated activities. Clinical learning provides experiences to practice nursing by caring for well patients or patients with common basic health problems in structured health settings. Prerequisite: Admission into the Nursing Program. Corequisites: BIOL110M, PSYC110M.