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AUTO1012M - Electrical Systems (3-9-6)

AUTO1012M is a comprehensive face-to-face course covering all aspects of the theory and diagnosis of basic electrical systems of the latest automobiles and light trucks. Topics include: electrical safety, basic electricity theory and electrical systems, circuit diagrams, magnetism, induction, battery technology, semiconductors, automotive electrical systems, electric circuit repair techniques, digital multi meter and other diagnostic equipment, and diagnostic techniques. Using the various skills and knowledge learned, students will perform basic electrical system inspection, diagnosis and repairs on today’s automobiles. AUTO1012M is a fall semester course. Tools identified on the student tool list are required for this course. A minimum grade of C- is required to continue on in the program. Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Automotive Technology degree or certificate program. Placement into MATH111M or MATH111XM and ENGL110XM or ENGL110M. Corequisites: AUTO1011M