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HVAC244M - DDC and Building Automation Controls II (3-3-4)

An advanced control systems course for students who have taken and passed HVAC 243, this course covers commercial/industrial control systems. Pneumatic, electrical and electronic control systems are covered, as well as associated subject matter such as variable frequency motor drives, variable air volume systems and heat recovery. The course then focuses on new technology building control systems. System controller types, analog and digital sensors and actuators in system configurations, data communications and systems interfacing, DDC systems strategies and troubleshooting methods and equipment will be covered in detail. There will be a significant amount of hands-on lab work. Every attempt is made to keep the material in this course as current as possible. This is an advanced course and provides the student with the knowledge, ability and experience to work confidently with existing control technology and adapt to new technology as it develops. Prerequisite: HVAC243M with a minimum grade of “C” or better.