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ETEC250M - Advanced Controls I – Digital Fundamentals – PLC Basics (3-3-4)

This course covers the fundamentals of digital logic, digital circuit components, computer number systems, Boolean algebra, all basic logic gates, timer chips, Schmitt triggers, digital to analog converters, analog to digital converters, binary coded decimal encoders, basic microcomputer architecture, an introduction to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and ladder logic in mechatronic systems. The basics of digital logic control, basic PLC modules and components, analog and digital I/O, programming concepts in ladder logic with reference to IEC61131 specification (an industry accepted programming standard for PLC’s), and PLC system components will be covered. Students will learn the role digital components and PLCs play within an electronic / mechatronic system or subsystem. They will also learn basic elements of PLC functions by implementing / reviewing small programs and testing these programs logically and / or on an actual system. Students will learn to identify malfunctioning PLCs and digital circuits, as well as to apply troubleshooting strategies to identify and localize problems found in digital systems and PLC’s. Prerequisite: ETEC210M and ETEC220M or permission of the instructor.