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ENGL218M - Short Story (3-0-3)

In this course, students study the short story as a major literary genre, reading, interpreting and analyzing a representative selection of texts. Students apply critical contexts and practice various theoretical approaches to the readings. Prerequisite: ENGL110XM or ENGL110M. (Fulfills English or Humanities requirement)

The Summer 2023 short story course will focus on unsolved crimes that have intrigued and perplexed audiences throughout history. Students will read, research, and analyze short stories and literature belonging to the true crime genre. The course texts will reflect higher-order issues in society instead of the glorified violence that often surrounds this literature. The course will also require students to investigate different forms of published writings (case files, police and news reports, letters) and apply them to the short stories. Students will also explore, reflect, and make inferences between the class readings and grander topics like humanity, language, and communication.