MCC continues to monitor developments on the spread of the Coronavirus. In response to the COVID-19 health situation, public events previously scheduled to be held at MCC have been cancelled until further notice. The public currently has extremely limited access to the MCC campus and many classes are being conducted online (with the majority of our staff working remotely.) Updates from CCSNH are available at Students can find technical support information on the Current Students Resources page.
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ENGL110M - College Composition I (4-0-4)

As the cornerstone of College Composition I, students will conduct intensive semester-long research on a topic culminating in an appropriately formatted and documented 10-12-page persuasive research paper. The course emphasizes writing as a process that undergoes various stages toward completion and engages a variety of rhetorical approaches. This process-writing method gives students the tools that underlie effective academic writing and ensures adherence to the conventions of standard written English.

Students registering for some sections of the ENGL110M course are required to bring their own device to class. Devices should be a laptop or tablet with a minimum 10 inch screen, an external keyboard, an Office 365 installation, and wireless capabilities. Check the college course schedule to see if the specific section of this course that you are registering for has this requirement. Any questions or concerns regarding this requirement should be directed to the Advising Center at 206-8140.

Prerequisite: Qualifying Accuplacer placement score or ENGL095M with grade of “C” or better.

Students can elect to take the English Language Learners section of ENGL110M or ENGL110XM. This section approaches reading and writing from the perspective of students whose first language is not English.