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ECE212M - Professional Development Practicum: ECE Capstone (1-9-4)

Typically taken during the student’s last semester, this course will provide students with an opportunity to synthesize the knowledge gained in their previous coursework and practica, bridging the gap between theory and practice in Early Childhood Education. Students will complete a minimum of 117 hours of teaching in a college-approved early childhood setting, working with a different age group than in ECE202M. Weekly seminars are scheduled to discuss a variety of issues related to the early childhood profession, including but not limited to the code of ethics, professional organizations and current events. Students will create and present a professional portfolio which includes a research-based philosophy paper as their culminating project. This portfolio project will require students to demonstrate proficiency in research, critical thinking and communication as well as an awareness of global perspectives. Students are required to purchase a Taskstream electronic portfolio subscription. Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 48 college credits with at least 31 credits in ECE, including ECE105M, ECE110M, ECE116M, ECE200M, ECE201M, ECE214M and a grade of “C” or better in ECE202M and ENGL110M.