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ECE202M - Student Teaching Practicum (1-9-4)

The Student Teaching Practicum requires that students spend a minimum of 117 hours in a college – approved early childhood facility under guided supervision of the classroom teacher. Students will bridge the gap between theory and practice by applying theoretical knowledge and developmentally appropriate methodology in their work with young children. Students will assume increasing responsibility for teaching and classroom management throughout the semester, culminating in a week-long experience in which the student takes the role of the lead teacher in planning and implementing the curriculum and will be formally observed by the college instructor at least 3 times. Weekly seminars are scheduled to discuss issues of appropriate practice, discipline, lesson plans, observations and other concerns. Students are required to experience two different age groups (e.g. infant/toddler, preschool/kindergarten, or primary aged children) in the two senior level practicum courses (ECE202M and ECE212M). Taskstream electronic portfolio subscription is required. Prerequisites: ECE100M, ECE104M and a grade of “C” or better in ECE111M or ECE112M.