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NURS212M - Nursing IV (3-18-9)

The student develops increased competence and independence to provide and manage care for patients and families with common multi-system health problems across the life span. Includes ethical decision-making, role performance and the care of patients with multi-system health problems of metabolism/immunity/hematopoiesis; cognition/sensation/perception; and cardio-respiratory. Also includes leadership skills, Healthcare policy and legislative advocacy. An evidence-based care project presentation is required. Laboratory learning focuses on student case presentations involving current, multi-system health problems and ethical decision-making. Clinical learning experiences are provided in advanced medical-surgical and community health settings. Prerequisites: NURS211M and BIOL210M with a grade of “C” or better and completion of ENGL110M. Corequisites: Math Elective (MATH145M or MATH145XM or MATH202M), English Elective, Foreign Language/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective.