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Program of Study: Medical Assisting


For 55-year-old freshman Medical Assistant student, Marcia, the road to her dream of a career in healthcare was not a straight line. To support her family, she joined the workforce in the mid-1970s and assumed – as did most people at that time – that she would work for that company until retirement. Unfortunately, like many of her colleagues, she lost good paying jobs when companies merged or sent operations overseas. Finally, she'd had enough.

"I felt like my life was at a crossroads... I had put my two children through college and decided that this was an opportunity to finally do something for myself," she says.

Unfortunately, Marcia's transition from the workforce to the classroom was interrupted when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, with the positive outlook she has applied to all of her life's challenges, Marcia completed her last round of radiation and then formally enrolled in the Medical Assisting program in the Fall of 2010.

"Education is so much more fun this time around," says Marcia. "I find that the college community is very accepting and I have found many students, faculty and staff to connect to. I really appreciate the fact that the schedule is conducive to my lifestyle. I am very excited to finally be here!"

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