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Program of Study: Liberal Arts


Zoraida came to MCC after finishing high school in her native Tenares, Dominican Republic. She relocated to Manchester to live with her father and to get a better education. With her father's encouragement, she enrolled in English as a Second Language classes. Zoraida wanted to work on her English language proficiency before beginning Liberal Arts classes in preparation for the Nursing Program.

Despite studying English in the Dominican Republic for a year, Zoraida said "it's very different from the way people actually speak." It has taken her hours of practice and a lot of hard work to learn the language, but Zoraida does not look at learning English as a barrier. She sees it as another challenge.

When asked what she likes best about MCC, Zoraida responded: "I like the way everyone helps you when you have a question, or when you are not sure about something that you need to do. The resources they have, for example, CAPS, the library, etc. are all great." She likes NH because it's peaceful, quiet and clean. She first saw and experienced snow here in New Hampshire and thinks it’s beautiful but messy.

Zoraida plans to continue her education... first tackling English, then Liberal Arts, and then an Associate Degree in Nursing. Finally, she will pursue a Master's Degree and perhaps beyond. She is well on her way and has recently been nominated for Phi Kappa Theta, the National Honor Society for two-year college students with a GPA of 3.5 or above.

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