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Program of Study: Marketing


Viana is a Long Beach, California native. She moved to New Hampshire when she graduated high school in 2004. She immediately entered the workplace before deciding that college would be her best path to success. When asked how she found MCC she said "MCC is close to home and they have a great Marketing program with transfer potential, so it was an easy choice."

At MCC, she is involved in a number of organizations and clubs like Student Senate & Phi Beta Lambda. "I love getting involved; I get to enhance my resume and portfolio, as well as enhance my life with new people and experiences," she says.

Aspiring to be an entrepreneur in the music industry, she plans on transferring her MCC credits to Babson College. When asked about her future she said "I push because I want to make my own way. Every time I come to here (MCC) I feel like I’m doing just that. And through my relationships here, I'm able to do more." A student by day and a DJ by night, you can find Viana around the town here in Manchester.

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