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Liberal Arts / Mathematics

Labor market trends indicate a growing need for professionals in the STEM disciplines in New Hampshire as well as across the country. The Mathematics degree is designed for students planning to transfer to four-year degree concentrations leading to STEM careers in mathematics, research and data analysis. In addition the Mathematics degree supports pathways for students who want to work in areas such as business, finance, strategic planning, or quality improvement .

A degree in Mathematics is the beginning of a pathway that leads to careers such as: Engineer, Data Analyst, Research Technician, Survey Technician, Educator, City Planning Aide, Business/Finance Analyst, Strategic Planning, Insurance Analyst, Quality Improvement Assistant.

Program Goal

The Mathematics degree is designed for students who are planning to pursue a four-year degree in Mathematics. The curriculum includes both the general education and mathematics courses typically required in the first two years of a bachelor’s concentration in Mathematics. This degree is also excellent preparation for students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education, engineering and related disciplines.

Program Outcomes

Students who graduate from this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate applicable problem solving ability in completing mathematical practices
  • Apply mathematical principles to other disciplines including physical and life sciences, technologies, social sciences and business
  • Communicate in the language of mathematics effectively using appropriate mathematical terminology both verbally and written
  • Use logical reasoning in understanding mathematical proofs

Mathematics Degree

Degree Program - First Year

First Year Fall Semester TH LAB CR
MATH204M Calculus I 4 0 4
PHYS210M University Physics I 3 3 4
ENGL109M or
College Composition I with Corequisite or
College Composition I
4 0 4
  Open Elective 3 0 3
FYE100M MCC Essentials 1 0 1
  Total 15 3 16
First Year Spring Semester TH LAB CR
MATH214M Calculus II 4 0 4
PHYS220M University Physics II 3 3 4
  Choose one: (CIS122M, MATH210M, ROBO211M, MATH212M) 3 0 3
  Foreign Language/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3 0 3
  Total 13 3 14

Degree Program - Second Year

Second Year Fall Semester TH LAB CR
MATH218M Introduction to Linear Algebra 4 0 4
MATH222M Multidimensional Calculus 3 2 4
  Social Science Elective 3 0 3
  Pathway Elective - Choose one: (Open Elective for Mathematics Pathway, ADMT225M for Engineering Pathway) 3 0 3
  Total 13 2 14
Second Year Spring Semester TH LAB CR
MATH220M Differential Equations 4 0 4
  Pathway Elective - Choose one: (MATH299M for Mathematics Pathway, ADMT112M for Engineering Pathway) 4 0 4
  Pathway Elective - Choose one: (MATH215M for Mathematics Pathway, Mathematics Elective for Engineering Pathway) 4 0 4
  Lab Science Elective 3 3 4
  Total 15 3 16
Total Credits - 60

Applied Data Analytics Certificate

Data is an increasingly important part of our lives; from business operations and processes to environmental systems, social sciences, genetics, and health care, data allows us to gain important insights and make useful predictions. Data Analytics comprises all the academic disciplines related to managing data as a resource; such as visualization, machine learning, statistical applications, data mining, predictive analytics, and database management. Upon completion, the student will have foundational understanding of and competency with many facets of effective communication with data.

MATH202M Probability & Statistics I 4 0 4
MATH212M Probability & Statistics II 4 0 4
DATA210M Introduction to Data Mining 3 2 4
DATA215M Applied Analytics 3 2 4
  Elective - Choose one: (CIS113M, CIS220M, CIS233M, MATH218M) 2/3 2/3 3/4
Total Credits - 19/20