MCC continues to monitor developments on the spread of the Coronavirus. In response to the COVID-19 health situation, public events previously scheduled to be held at MCC have been cancelled until further notice. The public currently has extremely limited access to the MCC campus and classes are being conducted online (with the majority of our staff working remotely.) Updates from CCSNH are available at Students can find technical support information on the Current Students Resources page.
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EXER218M - Group Exercise Leadership for Special Populations (2-4-3)

This course is designed to prepare students to understand how group exercise, small group training and effective leadership techniques can address the physical and psychosocial needs that various populations face throughout the lifespan. Through discussion, observation, teaching lab and a service-learning experience, students will put theory into practice and develop confidence in the ability to design and modify group exercise programs and communicate effectively to motivate participants. Prerequisites: EXER105M, EXER112M, EXER113M, EXER135M, EXER213M, EXER220M.

Save$ - Students will see cost savings in this program if courses in the major are taken in order, because major courses build on previously purchased books and other materials.