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Computer Science XR (eXtended Reality)

Computer Science XR (eXtended Reality)

The focus of the program is XR, which includes Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) as it affects business, education, and our social lives. This program teaches students to create and manage environments in the XR world through the creation of environments and by utilizing existing platforms. Students will be able to create assets to use in XR and to utilize XR workspaces for business.

Program Goal

Students are presented with a personalized, student-centered learning program focused on innovative XR workplace applications. The Computer Science: XR (Extended Reality) program focuses on emerging technologies as students learn to utilize these platforms in new and exciting ways.

Admissions Requirements

The Computer Science XR (eXtended Reality) program has no additional requirements.

Technical Standards

Most physical requirements necessary for this program can be accommodated with appropriate documentation.

Computer Science XR (eXtended Reality) Degree

Degree Program - First Year

First Year Fall Semester TH LAB CR
CIS105M Introduction to Computer Science 2 2 3
CIS110M Microsoft® Computer Applications I 2 2 3
CISXR100M Introduction to XR 2 2 3
FYE100M MCC Essentials 1 0 1
MATH155M College Algebra with Trigonometry 4 0 4
  Apps Elective - Choose one: (CIS107M, CIS108M) 2 2 3
  Total X X X
First Year Spring Semester TH LAB CR
CISXR120M XR Development 2 2 3
ENGL110XM or
College Composition I with Corequisite or
College Composition I
4 0 4
  Programming Language Elective - Choose one: (CIS117M, CIS118M, CIS126M, CIS148M, CIS158M) 2 2 3
  Physics Elective - Choose one: (PHYS135M, PHYS210M) 3 3 4
  English Literature/Philosophy Elective - Choose one: (ENGL213M, ENGL214M, any English Literature course, PHIL240M) 3 0 3
  Total X X X

Degree Program - Second Year

Second Year Fall Semester TH LAB CR
CIS220M Object-Oriented Programming 2 2 3
CISXR210M The XR Metaverse 2 2 3
CSCN220M Entrepreneurship in Computer Science 3 3 4
MATH171M Pre-Calculus 4 0 4
  Technical Elective 2 2 3
  Total X X X
Second Year Spring Semester TH LAB CR
CIS210M Data Structures and Elementary Algorithms 3 3 4
CIS291M Capstone Senior Seminar 2 2 3
MATH170M Discrete Mathematics 4 0 4
  Social Science Elective 3 0 3
  Total X X X
Total Credits - X

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