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Computer Science and Innovation

Computer Science and Innovation

The Computer Science and Innovation Associate degree program offers students technical and professional preparation for careers in computer science as well as transfer to a four-year degree program. In particular students are prepared for admission into the Computer Science Innovation Bachelor of Science degree at Granite State College in accordance with the Articulation Agreement. All degree candidates study core computer science competencies including various programming, Internet, networking and operating system courses.

Program Goal

In each year of the Computer Science & Innovation degree program, students are presented with a personalized, student-centered learning program focused on innovative workplace and consumer applications. The Computer Science & Innovation program focuses on emerging technology such as mobile devices and devices not normally associated with Computer Science such as automobiles, household appliances and other devices including future computerized devices.

Program Outcomes

Students who graduate from this program will be able to:

  • Explain the term "Internet of Things"
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the foundation of programming languages, object-oriented databases and networking
  • Explain the need to develop non-traditional computer application for use on a mobile platform or other emerging technology
  • Demonstrate the need for Software Quality Assurance
  • Demonstrate differences between manual and automated software testing
  • Demonstrate methods of creating secure code on various platforms
  • Demonstrate expertise in one area of computer science: programming, data structures, databases or networking
  • Demonstrate proficiency in state-of-the-art technology within the student’s area of concentration
  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge in social, legal and ethical implications for computer science
  • Create a stepping-stone for transfer to the Computer Science and Innovation four-year degree at Granite State College
  • Explain the necessity for a commitment to life-long learning

Admissions Requirements

The Computer Science and Innovation program has no additional requirements.

Technical Standards

Most physical requirements necessary for this program can be accommodated with appropriate documentation.

Transfer Credit Policy

Any computer course being considered for transfer cannot be more than 10 years old from the date of matriculation into the Computer Science and Innovation program.

Employment Opportunities

Computer Science remains one of the fastest growing fields, with a projected shortage of qualified job candidates for the foreseeable future for programmers, networkers, database professionals and web designers. These areas have been noted by the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics as "high growth" areas.

Computer Science and Innovation Degree

Degree Program - First Year

First Year Fall Semester TH LAB CR
CIS105M Introduction to Computer Science 2 2 3
ENGL110XM or
College Composition I with Corequisite or
College Composition I
4 0 4
MATH155M College Algebra with Trigonometry 4 0 4
FYE100M MCC Essentials 1 0 1
  Apps Elective - Choose one: (CIS107M, CIS108M) 2 2 3
  Total X X X
First Year Spring Semester TH LAB CR
  Physics Elective - Choose one: (PHYS135M, PHYS210M) 3 3 4
  English Literature/Philosophy Elective - Choose one: (ENGL213M, ENGL214M, any English Literature course, PHIL240M) 3 0 3
  Programming Language Elective - Choose one: (CIS117M, CIS118M, CIS126M, CIS148M, CIS158M) 2 2 3
  Technical Elective 2 2 3
  Social Science Elective 3 0 3
  Total X X X

Degree Program - Second Year

Second Year Fall Semester TH LAB CR
CIS210M Data Structures and Elementary Algorithms 3 3 4
CIS220M Object-Oriented Programming 2 2 3
CSCN210M Computer Science in Action I: Technology Innovation 3 3 4
MATH171M Pre-Calculus 4 0 4
  Total X X X
Second Year Spring Semester TH LAB CR
CSCN220M Entrepreneurship in Computer Science 3 3 4
CSCN225M Computer Science in Action II: Quality Assurance & Security 3 3 4
MATH170M Discrete Mathematics 4 0 4
ACCT113M Introduction to Accounting and Financial Reporting I 3 0 3
  Computer Science Elective - Choose one: (CSCN290M, CIS291M) 2 2 3
  Total X X X
Total Credits - X


Programming Certificate

Designed to prepare students for careers in computer programming, this certificate provides the skills necessary for entry-level positions in the field. Students will also be prepared to transfer these courses into the Computer Science degree program.

  Apps Elective - Choose one: (CIS107M, CIS108M) 2 2 3
CIS105M Introduction to Computer Science 2 2 3
CIS148M Introduction to Programming using JAVA 2 2 3
CIS158M Introduction to Programming using C# 2 2 3
CIS210M Data Structures and Elementary Algorithms 3 3 4
CIS220M Object-Oriented Programming 2 2 3
Total Credits - X

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