MCC continues to monitor developments on the spread of the Coronavirus. In response to the COVID-19 health situation, public events previously scheduled to be held at MCC have been cancelled until further notice. The public currently has extremely limited access to the MCC campus and classes are being conducted online (with the majority of our staff working remotely.) Updates from CCSNH are available at Students can find technical support information on the Current Students Resources page.
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Getting Started Online

Basics for Online Courses

You need to have basic technology skills and access to an Internet connection to take an online course. (High speed connection is recommended.)

Basic computer skills include the ability to:
  • Create and save documents
  • Manage and organize documents (files) and folders
  • Upload and download files
  • Send and receive email
  • Navigate to websites using web addresses
  • Perform basic Web searches

If you do not have basic computer skills, we recommend you take an introductory computer course before attempting fully online courses.

Would I be a good online student? (Self-evaluation)

Computer Requirements: Hardware and Software

Hardware and software required to use Canvas, the Manchester Community College online learning platform.

MCC provides all students with a college email address. This email is used for all college communications and students are required to use their college account.

  • Windows 7+ or Mac OSX 10.6+
  • 1 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended
  • At least 1 GB of free disk space
  • Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Some courses also require Microsoft Access.
  • Virus protection software
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (needed to view PDF files)
  • A modern web browser:
  • 56K or faster modem (a small investment to avoid big computer problems such as a crashing hard drive and loss of all your files)
  • If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer, download the PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft directly.