MCC continues to monitor developments on the spread of the Coronavirus. In response to the COVID-19 health situation, public events previously scheduled to be held at MCC have been cancelled until further notice. The public currently has extremely limited access to the MCC campus and many classes are being conducted online (with the majority of our staff working remotely.) Updates from CCSNH are available at Students can find technical support information on the Current Students Resources page.
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Fall 2020 Course Schedule

Message from President Bicknell about Fall classes at MCC

For the health and safety of students and faculty, many Fall 2020 classes will be online, with the exception of some technical labs. Read more...

Please note: If a course is listed as online, but has meeting times attached to it, students are expected to be available and sign in online during those times (synchronous.) If a course is listed as online with no meeting times listed, students complete the work on their own schedule, while still meeting deadlines (asynchronous.)

Technical programs and lab-based courses that meet on campus will conform to social distancing and strict safety guidelines. No matter the class format, we are committed to supporting you with tutoring, advising, accessibility, and the same small class sizes and personal attention that make your experience at MCC unique.

If you have questions about specific courses or need help registering, please reach out to MCC Advising.

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Course Schedule Definitions
(P) Prerequisite (C) Co-Requisite (NoLo) No- or Low-cost Course Materials


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CRN Course Course Title CR Dates Days Times Cost
11005 BIOL150M Nutrition
3 9/28-12/19 T 2-5:20pm $705
11006 BIOL150M Nutrition (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
11007 BIOL151M Nutrition Lab (C)
1 9/28-12/19 T 5:30-8:50pm $345
11008 BIOL151M Nutrition Lab (C) (NoLo) 1 9/28-12/19 Online $345
11028 BUS110M Introduction to Business
3 9/28-12/19 W 9:30-10:45am $705
11238 BUS110M Introduction to Business
3 9/28-12/19 T 9:30-10:45am $705
10585 BUS114M Management
3 9/28-12/19 M 9:30-10:45am $705
10588 BUS120M Introduction to Communications Media (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10589 BUS124M Small Business Management 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10597 BUS221M Business Finance (P) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10598 BUS224M Human Resource Management (P) (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10970 ECE100M Early Childhood Growth and Development 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
14018 ECE201M Children's Individualized and Special Needs (P) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10797 ECE204M Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers (P)
3 9/28-12/19 W 5:30-6:30pm $705
13723 ECON134M Macroeconomics
3 9/28-12/19 T 2-3:30pm $705
10968 ENGL110M College Composition I (P) (NoLo) 4 9/28-12/19 Online $940
13731 ENGL110M College Composition I (P) (NoLo) 4 9/28-12/19 Online $940
14089 ENGL110XM College Composition I - Co-Requisite (P) (NoLo) 5 9/28-12/19 Online $1,285
10654 ENGL113M Introduction to Public Speaking
3 9/28-12/19 M 5-8:30pm $705
10658 ENGL213M Creative Writing (P) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10660 ENGL214M Creative Non-Fiction (P) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
11240 HUMA105M Introduction to Music 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
11239 HUMA126M Introduction to Film
3 9/28-12/19 M 5-8:20pm $705
13939 HUMA205M Special Topics in the Humanities: The 1619 Project (P) (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
13541 HUMA205M Special Topics in the Humanities: Superheroes, A Modern Mythology (P) (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
11016 MATH145M Quantitative Reasoning (P)
4 9/28-12/19 W 5-9:30pm $940
10739 MKTG125M Principles of Marketing: A Global Perspective (P)
3 9/28-12/19 T 11am-1pm $705
10763 PSYC110M Introduction to Psychology (P)
3 9/28-12/19 M W 8-9:45am $705
11234 PSYC110M Introduction to Psychology (P) (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10767 PSYC210M Human Growth and Development (P) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
14323 PSYC210M Human Growth and Development (P) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705
10768 PSYC217M Alcohol and Other Drugs (P)
3 9/28-12/19 M 2-4:30pm $705
10775 SOCI110M Introduction to Sociology (P)
3 9/28-12/19 M W 11am-12:45pm $705
13536 SOCI110M Introduction to Sociology (P) (NoLo) 3 9/28-12/19 Online $705

Disclaimers: There could be errors in the above schedule. Changes do occur with the schedule from time to time. The tuition prices and all fees listed above are subject to the approval of the CCSNH Board of Trustees and are subject to change without notice.

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