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Marketing Course Descriptions

MKTG125M - Principles of Marketing: A Global Perspective (3-0-3)

Provide a basic understanding of the entire marketing process from a managerial point of view. Students examine the marketing system and strategies for the marketing of consumer and business products. Other topics include: the global marketing environment; customer relationship management; target markets; market segmentation; customer behavior; market research; retail and wholesale environments and specialty marketing. Emphasis is on the marketing mix – product, price, place and promotion.

MKTG135M - Global Consumer Behavior (3-0-3)

An in-depth analysis of the internal and external forces in the consumer decision-making process as it relates to marketing. Consumer trends and changes in demographic and psychographic characteristics are discussed. Emphasis is on the global aspect of consumer buying behavior in terms of buying, having and being.

MKTG205M - International Marketing (3-0-3)

Analyzes the decision-making process in marketing products internationally, with a focus on the design of international marketing strategies (identification of potential markets and products, price, promotion and distribution decisions) within the constraints of a particular cultural, economic and political setting. Case studies are used to apply course concepts to international marketing scenarios. Prerequisite: MKTG125M.

MKTG210M - Advertising (3-0-3)

Covers: the history of advertising; roles of advertising; the advertising brief; target marketing; the advertising agency; media planning and placement; and media services. Also, basic media strategy using television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising, personal selling, internet marketing, direct response and other forms of advertising will be investigated. Students apply advertising, promotional and integration tools to an advertising project/campaign. Prerequisite: MKTG125M.

MKTG224M - Sales and Sales Management (3-0-3)

An analysis of the role of selling in the marketing process, with a focus on effective communication and customer psychology. Topics regarding sales techniques, customer service, recruiting, training and supervision of employees are examined, along with sales force organization, performance and assessment.

MKTG282M - Marketing Research (3-0-3)

This course will be taught from the viewpoint of the person who conducts primary and secondary market research with a concentration on techniques and processes required to conduct quality research studies. Topics include questionnaire development, sampling techniques, data collection methods and survey errors. Application of concepts through primary data coupled with secondary data through a market research project. This course should be taken in the student’s final semester. Prerequisite: MKTG125M.

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