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Course Descriptions

HUMA105M - Introduction to Music (3-0-3)

An introduction to Western Music. Students listen to, read about and discuss the great music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods. (Fulfills Humanities requirement)

HUMA106M - History of American Popular Music (3-0-3)

Provides a historical overview of American popular music, from the mid-19th to the turn of the 21st century, including folk, jazz, ragtime, blues, swing, show music, motion picture music, country, rock and roll, soul, heavy metal, pop, grunge, rap and Latin / African music. Students will be required to listen to music associated with these styles. (Fulfills Humanities requirement)

HUMA126M - Introduction to Film (3-0-3)

Provides a historical overview of film from its inception to the present day. In addition to exploring textual elements such as narrative, characterization, plot and symbolism, film’s technical elements (mise-en-scène, cinematography, lighting, editing and sound) are considered. Emphasis is on film as both cultural artifact and institution. Major films, developments, genres, directors and movements are studied and the technical vocabulary needed to interpret, analyze and appreciate film is developed. (Fulfills Humanities requirement)

HUMA200M - Film and American Culture (3-0-3)

This course explores the relationship between American film and American culture. The emphasis is on film as a product of a specific period of time; its potential to both reflect and challenge American ideals will be considered. Readings, film screenings and discussions will focus on genre, important films/filmmakers and key developments within the industry.

Prerequisites: ENGL110M or equivalent, or permission of the instructor. (Fulfills Humanities requirement)