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Graphic Design Course Descriptions

GDES110M - Page Layout and Design (2-3-3)

Introduces the principles, skills and equipment used in the electronic publishing process. Students will produce pre-designed and original publications using Adobe InDesign®.

GDES114M - Graphic Design I (2-3-3)

Provides an in-depth study of the principles and elements of design in printed and online material. Design problems are solved using techniques that acquaint the student with mechanical tools and media used in the graphic arts field.

GDES115M - Digital Imaging (2-3-3)

Students will produce pre-designed and original images using Adobe Photoshop®. The focus is on the principles, skills and equipment used in the electronic imaging process.

GDES122M - Color Theory for Graphic Design (2-3-3)

Provides an in-depth study of the psychological and compositional effects of color in print and web design. A variety of design problems will be solved that explore the theories of color interactions and relationships.

GDES124M - Typography (2-3-3)

Introduces typefaces from an aesthetic and communicative perspective. The history and background of typography is explored, as well as modern typography, to provide an understanding of the language and form of typefaces and letterforms. Weekly assignments will involve solving design problems using type.

GDES150M - Digital Publishing Methods (2-3-3)

Focuses on printing terminology, methods and theories, Raster Image Processing (RIP), multiple page layouts and impositions. Prepress, file preparation, workflow methods and color management will be addressed using Adobe Acrobat®. Prerequisites: GDES110M, GDES115M. Corequisite: GDES124M and GDES155M.

GDES155M - Computer Illustration (2-3-3)

Focuses on the production of pre-designed and original computer illustrations using Adobe Illustrator®. Students will move from introductory vector drawing techniques to advanced, learn proper color management and file preparations to ensure that the illustration printed from the screen version is the desired result and usable in electronic design.

GDES205M - Visual Design (2-3-3)

Through this course, students will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of design projects with the goals to educate, inform, persuade, and entertain the audience through visual communication design. Types of projects will include educational posters, infographics, avatar design, and children’s book illustrations. Student will also have the opportunity to propose their own visual communication project. Prerequisites: ARTS123M, GDES110M, GDES114M, GDES115M, GDES122M, GDES124M, GDES150M, GDES155M.

GDES210M - History of Graphic Design (3-0-3)

Will focus on the many accomplishments of notable contributors to the development of graphic design throughout history. Major innovations and trends of visual communication will be explored through the centuries, into the present with an eye on the future. Readings, research, videos and projects, will lead students to know and appreciate notable designers and their importance to visual communication. From the birth of visual messages and early bookmaking to the printed word and multi-media/web design, the phases of visual communication history will connect the past to the present.

GDES213M - Graphic Design II (2-3-3)

An introductory level process of researching, designing, executing, promoting and presenting for the advertising field is assessed in this course. Marketing trends, products and guidelines of the advertising and graphic arts fields are dissected and evaluated. Individual and group projects are assigned to mobilize the cognitive, creative and collaborative skills of the student. Students will put together electronic layouts that demonstrate a beginner skill in commercial design production. Prerequisites: GDES110M, GDES114M, GDES115M, GDES122M, GDES124M, GDES150M.

GDES225M - Graphic Design III (2-3-3)

Focuses on the creative process involved in research, design, promotion and presentation of print advertisements, ad campaigns and package design. Students will complete research, creative briefs and comprehensive projects that demonstrate advanced skills in graphic design. Prerequisite: GDES213M.

GDES226M - Portfolio Preparation (2-3-3)

Students will modify existing project designs based on response to instructor critique These designs will be used to create three portfolios: a matted professional portfolio, a mini portfolio and an electronic portfolio. Time management skills will be stressed. Students will be required to participate in two portfolio reviews and participate in a juried exhibition. Prerequisites: All freshman GDES courses and GDES211M, GDES213M, GDES215M, GDES227M Corequisite: GDES225M, GDES228M.

GDES228M - Graphic Design Experiential Learning (2-3-3)

This course will provide opportunities for students to work with clients on actual graphic design projects, in a professional environment, through experiential activities and/or internships with professional organizations and businesses. The experiences are paired with in-class learning activities. The final grade for the course will take into account participation, evidence of learning, thoroughness and quality of assignments, and supervisory feedback. Prerequisites: GDES110M, GDES114M, GDES115M, GDES122M, GDES124M, GDES150M, GDES155M, GDES210M, GDES 205M, GDES213M, GDES229M.

GDES229M - Professional Practice for Graphic Design (2-3-3)

This course is a practical study of professional practices for graphic designers. Emphasis is placed on preparation for internship and employment opportunities in the graphic design field. Students work on real-world projects to assess their strengths and weaknesses, create a personal brand, and interact with various working professionals. Topics also include self-promotion, contracts, and professional networking. Prerequisites: GDES110M, GDES114M, GDES115M, GDES122M, GDES124M, GDES150M, GDES155M.

GDES230M - Animation for Web (2-3-3)

This project-based course introduces students to the creation of animated sequences and GIF animations using 2D and 3D tools for use on the web. Students will use appropriate software to create original artwork to animate in time based applications. Topics include an exploration of the drawing tools for creating graphics and symbols, optimization and animating graphics. The course also covers the use of text, buttons, actions, sounds and storyboarding to create production work.

GDES235M - Web Design (2-3-3)

A project-based course that addresses the design principles of website creation. Students learn to use appropriate layouts, typography, colors, file formats and compression methods when designing for the Web. Using Adobe Photoshop® , Illustrator®, Flash® and Dreamweaver®, students design images for background, text, graphics and navigation for websites. The course also covers designing for target audiences, creating an online portfolio and preparing for the future of multi-media and web design. Prerequisites: GDES114M, GDES122M, GDES230M, CIS124M.

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