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Economics Course Descriptions

ECON134M - Macroeconomics (3-0-3)

Macroeconomics analyzes the determinants of aggregate economic activity and the effects of government policy intended to achieve full employment, price stability and economic growth. Course examines the standard formulas to measure the nation’s production and income and spending; analyzes unemployment and inflation, aggregate demand and supply, fiscal policies, investment and financial markets, money and banking and the Federal Reserve and monetary policies. (Fulfills Social Science requirement)

ECON135M - Microeconomics (3-0-3)

Microeconomics equips the student with an understanding of fundamental economic principles and tools. It presents economic analysis with respect to demand and supply, consumer utility theory, elasticity, costs of production, perfect and imperfect competition and resource markets. (Fulfills Social Science Requirement)

ECON136M - International Economics (3-0-3)

Examines the international economy and globalization, international trade relations and international monetary relations. Topics of discussion include: sources of comparative advantage, tariffs and nontariff trade barriers, trade regulations and industrial policies, trade policies for developing nations and regional trading agreements. In addition, foreign exchange, macroeconomic policy in an open market and international banking are discussed. Prerequisite: ECON134M. (Fulfills Social Science Requirement)

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