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Earth Science/Environmental Science Course Descriptions

ENVS115M - Current Issues in Environment (3-0-3)

Covers basic ecological concepts, the interrelationships of these concepts and their ultimate connections within the natural world. Global issues include climate change, loss of species diversity, waste management and pollution. In addition to the writing assignments, students participate in activities, discussions and presentations of lecture material. Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL110M. High school biology recommended. (Does not fulfill lab science elective) Offered every fall semester.

ENVS125M - Introduction to Environmental Science (3-3-4)

A lab course that introduces ecology, environmental studies and sustainability while stressing a scientific approach toward understanding real world issues in relation to natural systems. Local, regional and global case studies challenge students to think critically about human impacts with complex issues, gaining insight toward the world’s need for sustainability. Field trips to local sites are part of the course. Prerequisites: High school biology with a grade of “C” or better, Placement in ENGL110M. (Fulfills Lab Science elective) Offered every spring semester.

ESCI110M - Earth Science (3-3-4)

Explores the basics of Earth Science including geology, meteorology and astronomy. The geology section includes the many Earth processes that change the face of the planet such as plate tectonics and erosion. In meteorology, the students will study how weather is created and its effects both globally and locally. The study of astronomy will include our solar system, stars and galaxies. Also covered will be possible origins of the universe and our place in it. Prerequisite: placement into ENGL110M or permission of the instructor. (Fulfills Lab Science elective) Offered every semester.

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