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Business Course Descriptions

BUS110M - Introduction to Business (3-0-3)

Introduces a basic understanding of the structures and operations of business and an awareness of social and ethical responsibility as it relates to the environment, consumers, employees and investors. An appreciation of the global economy will also be explored.

BUS114M - Management (3-0-3)

Introduces the principles and techniques underlying the successful organization and management of business activities. The course combines the traditional analysis of management principles with the behavioral approach using case studies. Areas of study include the management functions of planning, organization, leadership, staffing control and the decision-making process.

BUS120M - Introduction to Communications Media (3-0-3)

Provides an introduction to communications media by studying the nature and history of mass communications, as well as examining the various media available to marketers within the communication process. Some of the specific media topics discussed include newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. An emphasis is placed on professions within the communications media industry, regulation of the mass media and the impact of the media on society and the global marketplace.

BUS124M - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3-0-3)

This course gives students comprehensive knowledge in the development and management of small businesses. Sales, production, personnel management, and financial management are examined from the point of view of the small business entrepreneur or manager. Using case studies, students will be introduced to effective techniques for: starting a business; obtaining loans; hiring and supervising employees; marketing products and services; and dealing with legal issues and regulations. Using concepts and techniques learned from the course, students will also create and develop a business plan for a real or fictitious organization of their choice.

BUS155M - Retail Management (3-0-3)

Examines contemporary management issues in the retail environment, with a focus on theoretical principles, problem-solving techniques and decision-making processes. Students will discuss a range of retail management topics, including inventory planning and control, location assessment and store design, merchandising and retail promotion, product and brand management, human resources administration, legal and ethical concerns, information technology resources, financial and accounting needs and sales and trend forecasting. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MKTG125M.

BUS200M - Team Building (3-0-3)

Introduces and expands upon the basic principles and concepts of team building and self-directed work teams as they pertain to the workplace environment. The key concepts of how teamwork can influence and benefit the workplace are explored through lectures, interactive discussions, workshop-type group exercises, videos and guest speakers.

BUS205M - Leadership (3-0-3)

In this course, students will examine the skills and behavior essential to successful leadership in today’s ever-changing managerial landscape. Topics include leadership theory, motivation, productivity, group dynamics, communication, management, as well as organizational culture and ethics. Students will develop an inter-personal approach to the leadership style that works for them, while maintaining an appreciation for how well- developed leadership skills impact organizational success.

BUS210M - Organizational Communications (3-0-3)

Effective communication is the lifeblood of the organization and the foundation of a successful business career. The potential business professional must master the methods and techniques necessary to utilize facts, make inferences, understand communication strategies, create logical presentations and develop critical skills in listening, speaking and writing. The potential business professional must also understand nonverbal, visual and mass communication. This course helps students polish their business communication skills by teaching them how to create an error-free electronic portfolio, which will provide students with a job-search tool. The course emphasizes proper business formatting, along with other communication activities and the communication process as it relates to business. Prerequisites: ENGL110M and BUS114M

BUS212M - Business Law I (3-0-3)

Covers some of the common topics in criminal, civil and business law. Topics include the criminal, civil and business law justice systems including: constitutional law for business and online commerce; torts and privacy; business and cyber crimes; ethics and social responsibility; contracts and warranties.

BUS213M - Business Law II (3-0-3)

Continues the study of the common topics in criminal, civil and business law. Topics include: e-commerce contracts; negotiable instruments and digital banking; credit, secured transactions and bankruptcy; sole proprietorships; partnerships and limited liability companies; corporations; investor protection and online securities transactions; agency and employment; equal opportunity in employment; antitrust laws and intellectual property and internet law.

BUS216M - Organizational Behavior (3-0-3)

This course develops and expands on the basic understanding of organizational behavior. The human relations approach is stressed, including: management philosophy: the organizational climate; supervision, communication, group participation and factors in the work environment. The foundations of group behavior are explored and applied to real-world situations, case studies and a capstone project.

BUS220M - Operations Management (3-0-3)

Focuses on the relationship of the production and operations functions of delivering products or services to the achievement of an organization’s strategic plan and linking the organization to its customers. Students integrate forecasting, materials management, planning, scheduling, process, operations control skills and techniques with approaches and tools such as Total Quality, Statistical Process Control, Continuous Improvement, Demand Flow and Just-In-Time production systems.

BUS221M - Business Finance (3-0-3)

Surveys the corporate finance discipline to examine the financial management of corporations, to develop skills necessary for financial decision-making, financial forecasting, ratio evaluation and to acquaint students with money, capital markets and institutions. Prerequisite: ACCT123M.

BUS224M - Human Resource Management (3-0-3)

Provides a fundamental presentation of the dynamics of human resource management. Emphasis is placed on job design and development, employment training, benefits administration, compensation and employee relations and the laws relating to human resource management. Course concepts will be solidified through the use of case studies and real-world applications.

BUS225M - Effective Human Relations (3-0-3)

Designed to teach students the human relations skills they will need to become successful managers in today’s workplace. Students learn factors that influence employee behavior and contribute to organizational productivity. Practical applications are investigated as they relate to successful companies. Emphasis is placed on the major themes – communication, self-awareness, self-acceptance, motivation, trust, self-disclosure and conflict resolution – of effective human relations.

BUS226M - Employment and Labor Law (3-0-3)

Provides students with a conceptual legal framework for the major steps of the employment process from hiring to managing to terminating employees. The course addresses the human resource practices associated with each stage of employment and places a strong emphasis on the application of legal concepts to business situations. Important employment law topics such as discrimination, affirmative action, harassment and workplace privacy will also be covered.

BUS227M - Training and Development (3-0-3)

Provides students with a solid background in the fundamentals of training and development such as needs assessment, transfer of training, learning environment design, methods and evaluation. Traditional training and development techniques are presented, as are contemporary issues in training and development such as e-learning, the use of technology in training, managing diversity, succession planning and cross- cultural preparation. Training and development challenges in career management and the future of training and development are also covered.

BUS228M - Seminar in Strategic Human Resource Management (3-0-3)

Examines the human resource functional areas from an innovative and strategic standpoint. Students will learn about the context of strategic human resource management as it relates to the organization, as well as develop, apply and implement strategic human resource management initiatives to real-world examples. They will engage in interactive discussions of current issues, practices and theories relative to the strategic human resource management approach. Prerequisite: BUS224M.

BUS231M - Self Assessment (1-0-1)

A seminar meeting one period per week will discuss issues related to successful employment. Discussion topics will include job search, resume, cover letter, interviewing. This seminar will be taken in the final semester.

BUS291M - Internship (0-9-3)

Designed to provide comprehensive experience in application of knowledge learned in previous coursework. Students will research and select an internship site and work as a supervised intern.

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