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ASL110M - American Sign Language I (3-0-3)

An introductory course that provides non-native signers with the opportunity to study American Sign Language. Emphasis is on the development of visual receptive and expressive skills necessary for effective communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Through a variety of classroom experiences, students will learn to recognize and produce both manual and non-manual behaviors that reflect an understanding of the language’s grammatical, semantic, spatial and cultural frameworks. (Fulfills Foreign Language requirement)

ASL120M - American Sign Language II (3-0-3)

An intermediate course that builds on the foundational language acquisition skills of American Sign Language I, including vocabulary development, grammatical features identification, and conversational and communication skills. There is also an important cultural awareness component to the course through which students will consider the competing perspectives of Deaf communities and the community’s rich history. Upon successful completion of ASL II, students are prepared for ASL III. (Fulfills Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and Humanities elective) Prerequisites: A ‘C’ or better in ASL110M or the equivalent.

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