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Adding / Dropping Courses

Before adding or dropping a class or classes, students should consult their Academic Advisor and/or the instructors responsible for those classes.

Adding a Course

Students are allowed to add classes (prorated for alternative semester lengths) if space is available, up to and including the seventh (7th) calendar day of the semester.

A course may be added after the seventh (7th) calendar day of the semester (prorated for alternative semester lengths) only with the permission of the instructor.

Adding a 100% Online Course

Students may add a 100% online course up to the day before the official start of the term. Once the semester has started, students may add a 100% online course only with the permission of the instructor.

Dropping a Course

Students should initiate the official drop procedure after consultation with their faculty advisor. Simply ceasing to attend classes or notifying the instructor does not constitute officially dropping a course.

Though there may be financial or academic penalties involved, courses may be dropped at any time, but only through formal written notification to the Registrar's Office and completion of the following procedure:

Before officially dropping a course, the student should first discuss the matter with the instructor and faculty advisor. If, after discussing the matter with both individuals, the student decides to drop, an Add / Drop Form must be completed by the student and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Students who officially drop from a course...

  • any time prior to the end of the 14th calendar day of the semester, will receive no grade in the course, and no notation will appear on his/her academic record.
  • up to the end of the 10th week of a semester will receive a "W" grade on their transcript.
  • up to 10 days prior to the beginning of the final exam period, will receive Withdraw/Pass (WP) or Withdraw/Fail (WF) on the transcript. The WP is not calculated in the GPA. The WF is calculated in the GPA as an "F."

When there are fewer than 10 class days remaining to the beginning of the final exam period, students will receive an appropriate grade other than WP or WF, and that grade will be computed on the transcript in the student’s grade point average.

NOTE: The above timeline is specific to classes that meet 16 weeks. Any class that meets fewer than 16 weeks will follow a prorated timeline.

If you decide to drop a class. DO NOT JUST STOP ATTENDING. Fill out an Add / Drop Form and send it to the Registrar's Office.