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Doors to Opportunity! is a weekly 30-minute radio show on WGIR-AM 610 that explores higher education and jobs in New Hampshire. MCC President Susan Huard, her co-host Michael Carter of WGIR, and their guests discuss a different topic every week, ranging from higher education to careers, the job market and new opportunities in New Hampshire. Doors to Opportunity! airs on Sunday mornings at 10 on WGIR-AM.

"Why are we doing this program? Community colleges are about jobs. Everyone has to go to work at some point and make a living, but people don't always have enough opportunity to hear about what's out there, or what their true options are. That's the point of this show. Some of the best jobs are invisible to the public; I want to shed light on options. Our goal for this show is to provide information, ideas and inspiration to help you reach your dreams."

- MCC President Susan Huard

Doors to Opportunity Archive

Episode 70: Careers in Visual Art/Currier Museum of Art | February 08, 2015

The New England Foundation for the Arts describes the creative economy as a "powerful and positive global force, where artists, cultural nonprofits and creative businesses produce and distribute cultural good and services that impact the economy by generating jobs, revenue and quality of life." Here in Manchester, NH, we are fortunate to have the Currier Museum of Art and its Art Center as a local employer and a visual arts destination for the community and visitors. Susan's guests are Kurt Sundstrom, Curator and Bruce McColl, artist and Director of the Art Center.

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Episode 69: Focus on Education and Community Partnerships with Mayor Gatsas | February 01, 2015

To be successful over the long term, colleges and their host communities must work together to make sure the pipeline is in place for students of all ages to reach their goals and realize their dreams in life. Susan's guest is Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.

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Episode 68: NH College and University Council/NH Scholars | January 25, 2015

There is a great deal of collaboration and cooperation between public and private colleges and universities to ensure we have the most accessible and seamless system of education possible in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire College and University Council works to bring colleges and universities together to help students succeed and reach their goals. Susan's guests are Tom Horgan, President of the NH College and University Council and Scott Power, the Director of NH Scholars, which is an NHCUC program.

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Episode 67: Financial Aid and Paying for College | January 18, 2015

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, college graduates left school in 2012 with an average of $30,000 in debt. Last year, according to the College Board national review, the average cost for a state school was just under $23,000 for one year; that adds up to a $100,000 education. For private four-year colleges, the cost for one year of school averages more than $44,000. Many struggle to afford the cost of a college education in New Hampshire and around the country. Susan's guests are Rick Blais, Senior Vice President at Primerica in Manchester, and Stephanie Weldon, Director of Financial Aid at Manchester Community College.

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Episode 65: Focus on Careers: Life Coaching | January 04, 2015

According to a survey by the University of Scranton, about half of all Americans make a resolution every year ... although only about 1 in 8 of us actually manage to keep it for the whole year! The survey also tells us the Top Ten Resolutions, and, along with the ones you’d expect – losing weight, quitting smoking, starting an exercise program – is one that our guests today can help with: Number 8 on the list is: Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams!

Susan's guests are Dr. Kathy Rockwood, the founder of Kathy Rockwood Life Coach, and Andrea Williams the principal at Your Life Mosaic: Business & Life Design Strategist

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Episode 64: Student Profile: From Manchester Central to Norwich University | December 28, 2014

One of the hallmarks of a community college is that students attend for a variety of reasons: For many, it's to earn an associate degree; some come to earn a certificate; others to upgrade their computer skills or other technical skills; others come to strengthen their academic record to give them a better chance of getting into a four-year college.

Susan guests is one of those students: TJ Rapson is a Manchester Central grad who just completed his first semester at Norwich University after spending the fall of 2013 at MCC. TJ's father, Jeff Rapson, provides the parent's perspective.

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Episode 63: How a Social Media Profile Can Affect a College Application | December 21, 2014

The holiday break starts this week, but before they can say "Happy New Year!" high school seniors will be facing college application deadlines. These next two weeks are a good time to focus on those applications before school starts again.

Susan's guest is Tori Berube, the Associate Vice President for College Planning & Outreach at NHHEAF (the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation), who spends her working days helping students and their families navigate the college application process. She offers advice on how a student's social media profile can affect a college's decision and what a student can do about that, and what else students can do over the holiday break to get themselves ready to file those college applications.

Podcast audio will be available shortly.

Episode 62: Nursing Careers that Start with an Associate Degree | December 14, 2014

NH's Employment Labor and Market Information Bureau predicts that NH will need close to 500 new nurses a year through 2020 to meet demand. At the same time, being accepted into an accredited nursing program is very competitive. A recent study reports that U.S. nursing schools turned away more than 78,000 qualified applicants to bachelor and graduate nursing programs in 2013. Acceptance into associate degree nursing programs is also competitive, as applicants understand the value of a two-year program that will put them into the job market more quickly,

Susan's guests are Charlene Wolfe-Stepro, chair of the nursing department at MCC, and Jacqueline Poirier, College Counselor for Allied Health Programs at MCC.

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Episode 61: Focus on Careers: Human Resources | December 07, 2014

As baby boomers retire without enough younger workers in the ranks to replace them, recruiting and retaining the right employees becomes critical to a company's success. That function is one of the key responsibilities of the department we call HR, or human resources.

Susan's guest is Jeannie DiBella, the Human Resources Officer at MCC. 

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Episode 60: Thinking about the Next Step for a Working Adult | November 30, 2014

Susan's guest is Bonnie Argeropoulos, an Academic Advisor at Granite State College, who spends her workday talking with people like Jennifer Wells, Susan's co-host, a young adult with an associate degree who's wondering about her next step. Should she go on to earn her bachelor degree? What are her options?

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