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Student Information System (SIS)

Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) is your central location for all your information (personal, academic, financial, etc). It is also the "launching point" to all the other services MCC offers. SIS provides you access to your EasyLogin information, academic records, course schedules & registration, online add/drop courses, final course grades, as well as financial aid & payment information.

How do I get to SIS?

The direct link to SIS is

There are two main routes to get to SIS without bookmarking the specific URL. You can reach SIS from any page on this website by using the Quick Links section above, or scroll down to the footer below to Student / Web Tools and click on the Student Info. System (SIS) link.

How do I log in to SIS?

  1. Select "Enter SIS (Secure Area)".
  2. You will have to enter your User ID and PIN Number.
  3. Your User ID is your Student ID number (include the "@").
  4. By default, your PIN Number is one of the following...
    • Your six digit date of birth in MMDDYY format. (For example, if your birthday is April 7, 1984, then you would enter "040784")
    • Your last six digits of your Student ID number. (For example, if your Student ID number is @12345678, then you would enter "345678")
  5. Click the "Login" button.

    ** For security purposes, first-time users will be prompted to change their default PIN Number **
  6. Re-enter your default PIN Number.
  7. Pick a new PIN Number. It must be any combination of six numbers, no letters. You will have to enter it twice to confirm.
  8. Click the "Login" button.
  9. Now you'll have to create a security question and answer. Enter a question, such as "What is my favorite color?"
  10. Enter your answer. Keep it simple.
  11. Click "Submit" to access your SIS account.

If you forget your PIN, you can enter your Student ID and select "Forgot PIN?". This will prompt you to enter the correct answer for your security question. Your password will return to the default (date of birth in MMDDYY format - OR - last six digits of Student ID numebr).

Changing your SIS password

Once you have setup SIS for the first time, you can return to SIS and update your PIN Number at any time.

  1. Log in to SIS.
  2. Click the "Personal Information" tab.
  3. Click the "Change your SIS PIN" link.
  4. Enter your old PIN and your new PIN
  5. Click the "Change PIN" button.

Now what?

You're now at the homepage for SIS. You'll see three tab categories: Personal Information, Student, and Financial Aid.

  • Personal Information - Includes your college email and password, EasyLogin access information, security question, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Student - Select the "Student" tab to register for classes, add/drop classes, review your class schedule, see your final grades, and make payments. Download the SIS & Registering Checklist
  • Financial Aid - If you are receiving financial aid, this tab provides you with information regarding your status and loans.

Explore the Student Information System and become familiar with its content. You will need to use SIS not only over your entire stay at MCC, but even afterwards (i.e. requesting transcripts).

Still having trouble?

If you have any problems logging in to SIS, submit an IT Help Desk ticket or visit the IT Help Desk in Library.