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Program/Degree Advisors

Prospective Students

After you are accepted into a program at MCC you will be assigned a faculty advisor within your academic area. This advisor can help you select classes, learn about career options in your area of academics and provide academic guidance during your time at MCC. If you are trying to select a major while applying to MCC please contact the Admissions Counselor for the major you are interested in pursuing. 

Accepted Students

As an MCC student you are assigned a faculty advisor who teaches in your program of study. You can find your assigned faculty advisor by logging on to your SIS account. Once you have accessed your account you should look under “Personal Information,” and then the second block down on the far right column will say “My Advisor.” Your assigned advisor can help answer questions about your degree program, they can help you select your courses for registration and they can answer questions about your degree progress. If your Academic Advisor is unavailable we encourage you to speak to an advisor in our Academic Advising Center located in the Learning Commons. 

Class Registration

Your MCC advisor can help you select courses for your first semester at MCC. After your first semester you can register for classes online using your SIS account, however you should still meet with your advisor to make sure you know what courses you need for your next semester. Meeting regularly with your advisor will help you stay on track to graduation.

Change of Major

In order to change your major you need to meet with your advisor, discuss your plans, and receive their signature on the change of major form. After meeting with your advisor you can bring the signed form to Academic Affairs in Suite 248. You can find the change of major form here.


If you log on to SIS and do not see an advisor listed please contact the Advising Center by email. In the subject line please put "No Assigned Advisor", and in the body of the email list your name, major and student ID number. You can reach the Advising Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..